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Thread: just tv talk...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nic B View Post
    I just recently watched that! I liked it, the second season was a little weird. Third season was good.

    I started season 4 with Jodie Foster but am taking a break because I like to binge all episodes if possible. If I do one episode a week, I forget what happened the episode before
    I heard the 4th season was awesome.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bewitchingstorm View Post
    Has anyone watched Feud? We loved the first season, which was about Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. We're almost finished with the new season, which focuses on Truman Capote and the 'Swans' (group of high society NYC women who he did wrong).

    I heard the third season will focus on the Menendez brothers.
    what streaming service is it on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bowieluva View Post
    Chelsea, if you are a ghost and reading mds, I command you to walk into the light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angiebla View Post
    I heard the 4th season was awesome.

    what streaming service is it on?
    It's on FX, so we watch it through Hulu.

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