Full Name: Natalia Jimenez
Cause of Death: and Mario Zaragoza died of Inhaling carbon monoxide while she was on a car with a friend.

News Article:
Additional Information: Natalia Jimenez and Mario Zaragoza past away the night of November 4th 2006 at Mario's place. The couple were realaxing listening to music while haing the car on and also inhaling the carbon monoxide. the couple were found dead by Mario's brother in law the next morning.

From the YouTube description:  Mario Zaragoza and Natalia Jimenez were found dead in a garage in a western suburb of Illinois. Carbon monoxide intoxication was the culprit in the accidental death of a teenage couple, both died of carbon monoxide intoxication and inhalation of auto exhaust.

http://mydeathspace.com/article/2008/04/04/Natalia_Jimenez_(19)_died_from_accidental_carbon_m onoxide_poisoning_after_listening_to_music_in_a_ru nning_car