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Thread: FYI! Where is my post/thread??

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    FYI! Where is my post/thread??

    I am trying to 'tidy' up this section and also the additional info section.  In order to post the deaths as articles, it sometimes require editing, moving or deleting posts with certain info in them (such as myspace links and article links).

    If you are looking for a post from a thread in this section, that you know was there, it may have been modified or deleted in order to post it.  Sometimes it is easier to remove a whole thread just because of the content of the posts.  Feel free to start a new thread in the Article Discussion section once the death is posted.


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    Re: FYI! Where is my post/thread??

    Thanks for the heads up Liv.....

    and I think you do a GREAT job with the articles.   

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    Testing sorry if repeats

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jawbreaker View Post
    Testing sorry if repeats
    Hi! What exactly are you testing?
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    Damn, I'm SO sorry- I just posted a link. I should have read Olivia's post first; I apologize if I created more work for the mods. I'll be more careful next time.

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