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Thread: Gwendolyn Margaret Brunelle (27) missing from Jordan Valley, OR since 6/27/23

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    Gwendolyn Margaret Brunelle (27) missing from Jordan Valley, OR since 6/27/23

    A T-shirt belonging to 27-year-old Gwen Brunelle was found on Sept. 10 about a mile and a half from where her abandoned car was found in June, the Malheur County Sheriff?s office told USA TODAY.

    Malheur County Undersheriff David Kesey said Wednesday that authorities are set to relaunch search efforts Saturday, Sept. 23. The latest search will focus on the surrounding area of where the shirt was found.

    Brunelle is from Boise and left the area on June 26, Kesey said. She was last seen around noon on June 27 at Sinclair gas station in Jordan Valley, Oregon, about 83 miles southwest of Boise, according to posts from the Boise Police Department and a family member.

    Originally published July 3 on KTVB.COM.It?s been a week since a Boise woman left home for a road trip and six days since anyone?s seen her, but family members say her car was found Friday on Succor Creek Road in Malheur County, Oregon.

    The last known contact anyone had with Gwendolyn Margaret Brunelle, 27, was at around noon Tuesday, June 27, at the Sinclair Station in Jordan Valley, Oregon. She was believed to be traveling in a gray 2008 Honda Element with Idaho license plate 5WT6X. Her family said she left Boise on Monday, June 26.

    In a post on Facebook over the weekend, Brunelle?s family said her car was found Friday on Succor Creek Road about 0.4 miles west of Highway 95. According to the post, several rescue crews, including Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue, the Ontario Fire Department, and volunteers, have been searching for Brunelle on foot and by using drones, dogs and UTVs. KTVB has reached out to the Malheur County Sheriff?s Office for more information about the search.

    Brunelle is described as 5-foot-7, about 160 pounds, with brown eyes and medium brown hair.

    ?She may have wandered from the car or was abducted,? according to a flyer her family and friends have been sharing. ?She may present as disoriented.?

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    That's a long time to be missing.

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    Yeah its not looking good for her.

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    Was there something wrong with her car? I wonder if she had car issues.

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