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Thread: 2 people killed by lightening on Mexico beach

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    2 people killed by lightening on Mexico beach

    Video at link:

    2 people are reportedly dead after being hit by a bolt of lightning on a beach in Mexico ... and the horrifying incident was caught on video.

    The ordeal went down in Michoac?n Monday, along the country's Pacific coast -- as the weather got super nasty. You can see someone packing up an umbrella, just before the strike.

    After the first person is hit, you can see the lightning appear to travel along the sand to the other person ... both of them collapse, causing nearby folks to scream in horror.

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    OMG that is horrible.

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    Good lawd.

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    Scary. Sand is a conductor of lightning. A lot of people don't realize that. This is why you should be as far away from the beach as possible during thunderstorms.
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    Oh no, that's horrific.
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