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Thread: Six 'Soldiers of Christ' charged with murder after woman found dead in trunk

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    Six 'Soldiers of Christ' charged with murder after woman found dead in trunk

    Five adults and a juvenile have been charged with murder after a 70-pound woman ? who had been beaten and malnourished for weeks ? was discovered dead in the trunk of a vehicle this week, police in Georgia said Thursday.

    The victim, who was not publicly identified, is from South Korea and came to the U.S. this summer to join a religious group, the Gwinnett County Police Department said in a statement.

    ?The accused individuals referred to themselves as belonging to ?Soldiers of Christ,?? police said.

    The cause of death remains under investigation. Police said the medical examiner?s office "believes malnourishment could be a contributing factor."

    Arrest warrants indicate that the woman had been starved and beaten for weeks. Police believe the starvation began Aug. 3; it was not immediately clear when she died.

    Eric Hyun, 26, of Suwanee, Georgia, and Gawom Lee, 26, Joonho Lee, 26, Juoonhyum Lee, 22, and Hyunji Lee, 25, all from Lawrenceville, Georgia, were charged with felony murder, false imprisonment, tampering with evidence and concealing the death of another, police said.

    A 15-year-old was also charged.

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    Yeah, because the Bible is all about torturing and killing people for funsies.
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    WTF did I just read????

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