Representatives of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies were at a residence on Rerock Road in Burton on Friday afternoon possibly looking for connections to the mysterious June disappearance of Sophia Van Dam and her 2 -year-old son Matteo.

The property is the residence of Jonas Jerry Washington Sr. James Moss, an attorney for Washington Sr., said authorities also searched the property a few weeks ago and he (Washington Sr.) doesn?t know why. Authorities, Moss said, haven?t been forthcoming with information. ?He (Washington Sr.) has been very open about it,? Moss said. ?He doesn?t know anything.?

The property?s connection to the Van Dam case may have some association to Washington Sr.?s son, Jonas Jerry Washington Jr., 24. Her family has said repeatedly Sophia Van Dam and Washington Jr. were in a relationship and they shared a rental residence in Sumter.

A Beaufort mom?s anguish. Months of heartbreak and silence since daughter, grandson vanished

The last time Theresa Van Dam saw Sophia and Matteo was at 1 a.m. Wednesday, June 21 at her Beaufort home. A day later, Theresa tried contacting her daughter by text and got through once by phone. Somebody picked up the phone but did not say, ?hello.? Van Dam says she could hear Matteo laughing in the background, and a male voice, too, ?and I heard it go, ?click,?? she said as the call ended.

The last text she received from her daughter was on June. 24. Authorities were able to determine that the text had ?pinged? off a cell tower near Santee Cooper Lake on Interstate 95. Van Dam is not aware of any subsequent ?pings? from the cell phone.