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Thread: Dr. Bradford Ferrick (32), arrested after thousands of images of children were found

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    Dr. Bradford Ferrick (32), arrested after thousands of images of children were found

    The 32-Year-Old Trainee Doctor Is Arrested After Police Found A Trove Of Child Pornography That He Recorded On A BRACELET

    A trainee family doctor concealed a large amount of child pornography and secretly filmed himself examining children with a camera hidden in a bracelet, police say.

    Dr. Bradford David Ferrick, 32, appeared in federal court in Boston on Tuesday and was ordered held without bail on the disturbing allegations.


    Raids on his Amherst apartment and his parents' $1.1 million Winchester mansion are said to have yielded thousands of images of child pornography stored on 60 electronic devices.

    Ferrick is also accused of secretly recording medical examinations of children as young as six using a piece of jewelry that concealed a camera lens.

    During a recording obtained by police, he was heard discussing a young patient's genitals with the boy's mother, although they cannot be seen in the clip, it is alleged.

    Since July, Ferrick had been completing a medical residency focused on family medicine with Baystate Franklin Family Medicine, which included rotations at facilities in Greenfield, Deerfield and Springfield.

    Dr. Bradford David Ferrick, 32, was arrested after authorities seized more than 60 devices, containing what are believed to be thousands of images and videos of child pornography, from two residents where he lived. He was first charged with four state counts of possession of child pornography, to which he pleaded not guilty, and later posted $50,000 cash bail. But now, he is in custody after federal prosecutors indicted him on one count as well.

    The child pornography investigation began in January, when the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children flagged a Google account for uploading suspected images of unlawful minors.

    Two of the uploads, from November 2021 and March 2022, occurred from an IP address near where Ferrick was attending medical school at the State University of New York Upstate Medical University in Syracuse.

    The investigation into Ferrick was launched after an IP address linked to his family's home and where he was studying medicine was flagged for allegedly uploading explicit child content.

    Then more cyber tips allegedly showed that the illegal material was being uploaded to an IP address linked to his family home. During the first search of the mansion on February 13, 2023, Ferrick refused to speak to law enforcement officers.

    Ferrick is accused of recording his child patients during medical exams at Baystate Franklin Family Medicine. He captured the meetings with a hidden camera, which was disguised as a bracelet on his wrist, according to the FBI. According to the affidavit, which has now led to his detention pending another hearing in March, Ferrick had purchased 'numerous hidden camera devices.'

    In one clip, Ferrick is heard talking to a boy, believed to be 14, and his mother as they discuss the teen's genitalia. The FBI said the meetings were allegedly recorded on his bracelet, which concealed a hidden camera.

    During the federal investigation, authorities also searched a third property, owned by relatives of Ferrick, who have two young children. They found a hidden camera in a bathroom, which was hidden to look like a wall socket. Authorities say they found the box the camera came in at Ferrick's parents' home, where the trainee doctor lived.
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    Omg what a monster

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    What a sick, sick man.

    I always tell my son, noone can see your privates except mommy, daddy and the doctor. People trust doctors. Im always in the room with him when he gets examined. This sicko got off on physical exams that took place with a parent in the room.

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    What a total piece of shit. I bet he tries to claim it was just medical research or some bullshit like that.

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    60 devices????? Throw him in a pit. Are they sure it was just him? Maybe it's a sicko ring

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    Imagine if they hadn't caught him. I hope they don't just throw the book at him, I hope they beat the snot out of him w/ it.
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    These sickos seek out professions where they have access to kids when they're alone and in a position of authority. Teachers, priests, doctors....

    This is why I don't understand these knuckle draggers trying to shut down drag shows instead of churches.
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    Holy shit. Throw this fucker to the wolves.
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