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Thread: Manhunt for David Linthicum (24) After Officer Shot

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    Manhunt for David Linthicum (24) After Officer Shot

    Soz, I'm way out of practice writing titles. I've had the scanner on listening to this manhunt since I woke up this morning & he just shot another cop & stole his vehicle - I've seen comments saying he was trying to get to his girlfriend's place with the vehicle

    At the time of posting this is still live on the scanner & he's currently surrounded in a wooded area

    David Linthicum (24)

    Scanner feed

    Second Md. officer injured in gunfire as manhunt continues
    By Associated Press
    February 9, 2023 at 10:30 p.m.

    COCKEYSVILLE, Md. ? A police officer in Maryland was seriously injured in gunfire Thursday night amid a manhunt for a suspect who had wounded a different officer after firing at police the previous afternoon, officials said.

    Police have not specified whether the second shooting was linked to the first one, which occurred while police were responding to a call for a person in crisis.

    Baltimore County officers were called to a home on Powers Avenue in Cockeysville on Wednesday afternoon and a family member escorted them to the person in crisis, police said in a statement. While the officers interacted with David Linthicum, 24, he fired multiple shots, wounding one officer, police spokesperson Joy Stewart said. Officers did not fire their weapons during that interaction, she said.

    The injured officer was taken to a hospital and officials announced late Wednesday that the officer was released and in good spirits.

    There was a heavy police presence in the area with helicopters circling above Wednesday as officials closed roads in the neighborhood of single-family homes with large lawns that backs up to woods, news outlets reported. Officials urged residents to shelter in place as the search for the man continued through the night.

    Officials announced early Thursday that several schools in the area would be closed for the day.

    The search continued into Thursday evening, when police ordered residents near the home in Cockeysville to shelter in place because Linthicum had been spotted in the area. Then, around 9:30 p.m., officials said an officer had been seriously injured in another shooting as law enforcement continued to search for the suspect.

    This article appears to verify the first comment in the screenshot below (it also has a lot more detail on how the situation unfolded)

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    Oh wait, there's whole news articles about the spooky house shit

    Someone's going to make an Amityville Horror style movie about this house for sure

    Cockeysville home where manhunt started is where a high-profiled murder occurred in 2008



    BALTIMORE -- Police responded to a crisis situation Wednesday afternoon at the same home where a family was killed in Cockeysville in 2008, WJZ has learned.

    A source told WJZ that the home on Powers Avenue where 24-year-old David Emory Linthicum shot a Baltimore County police officer multiple times before taking off was the same home where Nicholas Browning admitted to killing his father, mother and two younger brothers in 2008.

    Browning pleaded guilty in 2009 to four counts of first-degree murder, and was ordered four life sentences in prison.

    According to court documents, Browning told the court he "had been battered and beaten to the point where his immature juvenile mind could conceive of no other alternative to relieve the pain than to eliminate it."

    Assistant State's Attorney Leo Ryan Jr. said in court that the abuse allegations do not explain why Browning would kill his younger brothers.

    Prosecutors played portions of a police interview in which Browning, who at the time claimed innocence, said a big inheritance and life insurance payments were coming his way.'

    Nicholas Browning turned 31 years old in prison on Thursday.

    Almost 15 years to the day the family was murdered, police are searching for Linthicum, who was at the home when police responded around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.

    Baltimore County police spokesperson Joy Stewart said the officers went into the home, and were escorted by a family member downstairs when an officer was shot multiple times.

    officers from Baltimore County and neighboring jurisdictions are still searching for Linthicum.

    Police are asking residents in the area of Powers Avenue to shelter-in-place.

    Baltimore County officials announced Thursday six schools were closed Thursday because of police activity and the search for an armed man.

    Linthicum is described as a white man with auburn hair and facial hair. He was last seen wearing a dark short-sleeve shirt and dark shorts.

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