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Thread: James Gerald Martin III (37) found dead from multiple gunshots in a vehicle several days after his vehicle was found running in the driveway and a man was found dead in his house

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    Quote Originally Posted by raisedbywolves View Post

    Docs reveal marijuana and $35k in cash were found inside home where 2 men were killed on TC Jester
    Where's my washer and dryer?

    ETA: Okay, now I'm seeing that his body was found in the car that was left running. I thought it was found in his truck somehow. I guess I should have known better since a pickup doesn't have a trunk.
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    That is too pretty to be shoved up an ass.
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    You can take those Fleets and shove them up your ass

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boston Babe 73 View Post
    That's why this is so confusing. This WAS the homeowner's truck.

    Bumbling officers, who would have thought it?
    Oh I got it confused. I thought that the car parked in the garage belonged to the homeowner and the truck belonged to dead guy at the house. Shit balls.

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