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Thread: Annie Wersching (45), actress from 24 and Bosch, and voice of Tess in The Last Of Us game, died from cancer

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    Annie Wersching (45), actress from 24 and Bosch, and voice of Tess in The Last Of Us game, died from cancer

    I love the Bosch series and she was in most of it. I had no idea she was sick.


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    This is extremely sad and her family is beautiful.

    I don't want to sound like a complete asshole, but I know this is going to sound like I am. They put out a GFM for 250K? I don't think they're mega rich by any means, but I'm quite sure that they weren't hurting for cash. SAG has excellent health insurance and life insurance. I mean.... The organizer is Robert Carradine's daughter. You would think that if the people in their circle wanted to help that they could just do what people normally do and drop them an envelope with funds to help them out. I'm seeing fans that probably don't have much to their name donating on the GFM and that's their choice, by it's not like this family was hard up. I'm sure they had a nice place in L.A with what her work paid. I just feel like starting a GFM is in poor taste when it comes to people that can already afford a certain lifestyle.

    That's just me.

    Other than that, Cancer fucking sucks and no amount of money will bring back those kids' Mother. They have a hard road ahead without her.
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