OnlyFans star Courtney Clenney has appeared in a Hawaii court, agreeing to be sent back to Florida to be tried for murdering her boyfriend ? as it emerged she?d previously been busted for throwing a glass at him.

Clenney, 26, appeared in court Thursday in Hilo, where she was arrested while enrolled in rehab for substance abuse.

Wearing a skimpy black tank top and a mask, the OnlyFans star ? known online as Courtney Tailor ? waived her right to an extradition hearing and agreed to return to Florida to face second-degree murder charges.

Judge Henry Nakamoto ordered her held without bail pending extradition.

Clenney has admitted to killing live-in boyfriend Christian Obumseli on April 3, but claimed she threw a knife from 10 feet away while defending herself from his violence.

When she called 911 to report the stabbing, Obumseli ?can be heard in the background repeatedly saying he is dying and cannot feel his arm,? an arrest warrant said.

?The defendant is also heard saying, ?I?m so sorry baby,'? the warrant said, according to the Miami Herald.

?The amount of blood throughout the condominium at different levels, including two large pools, evidences the victim was bleeding for an extended period before police arrived,? the warrant also said.

The injuries proved that Obumseli had been stabbed in the chest from close range, rather than hit by a flung knife, insisted prosecutors ? who also released a damning video showing the model repeatedly hitting her lover and pulling his hair in an elevator two months earlier.

But that was just one of many violent fights the couple had ? and Clenney was arrested for domestic battery in Las Vegas in January 2021, according to the Miami Herald.

In that case, Clenney threw a glass at him ?and barely missed him as he was laying on the couch,? the Miami outlet noted.

?Courtney said that she had thrown items at him in the past like plates and glasses,? the Herald said, citing a Las Vegas police report. The status of that domestic battery case was unclear, the paper stressed.

When the couple lived together for two years in Austin, Texas, neighbors recalled regular fights ? with one saying Clenney threw a giant painting off their balcony, landing on the floor below.

?You could hear her throwing glasses, smashing objects,? their then-downstairs neighbor, Aidan Nevisky, told the outlet.

In their time in Miami, the couple had so many fights the building?s management was moving to evict them, the arrest warrant said.

Prosecutors said the murder was the culmination of a ?tempestuous and combative relationship.?

?There was a history of her always being aggressive and violent,? said Larry Handfield, a Miami lawyer representing Obumseli?s family.

However, Clenney?s Miami defense lawyer, Frank Prieto, stuck to the claim that his client was merely defending herself from ongoing domestic violence

?Obumseli was the abuser, the worst kind of abuser,? Prieto said in a statement. ?He would manipulate and abuse Courtney in private when he thought nobody was around.?
?Obumseli was the abuser, the worst kind of abuser,? Prieto said in a statement. ?He would manipulate and abuse Courtney in private when he thought nobody was around.?

Courtney Clenney, the OnlyFans model charged with murdering her boyfriend in their luxury Miami high-rise in April, fatally stabbed him in the heart, authorities said Thursday.

The charges came after months of speculation about Clenney?s role in the death of 27-year-old Christian Obumseli, and repeated claims by the woman and her attorney that she acted out of self-defense. But prosecutors say that if the relationship was mutually abusive, she was often the instigator, and finally went too far.

A 26-year-old Instagram influencer, Clenney is charged with second-degree murder in connection with the April 3 incident. Her defense attorney, Frank Prieto, confirmed to The Daily Beast on Wednesday that his client was taken into custody in Hawaii, where she had been at a rehab facility for PTSD.

The charges paint a picture of years of tumult in the relationship between Clenney and Obumseli, but also specifically claim that the model repeatedly abused the cryptocurrency trader. The arguments between the couple got so extreme, according to an arrest warrant obtained by The Daily Beast, that an employee at their luxury dwelling was ?moving toward legal action to evict? them.

?The violent and toxic two-year relationship of Christian Obumseli and Courtney Clenney did not have to end in tragedy with Christian?s murder as a victim of domestic violence,? Miami State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said Thursday.

The Miami Police Department previously said that on April 3, officers responded to a report of a stabbing at the One Paraiso luxury building around 5 p.m., where they found Obumseli with a ?knife wound.?

The warrant states that when officers arrived at the scene, there was ?blood on the kitchen island dripping to the master bedroom/bathroom and back to the living room.? The knife was by the living room couch, next to a bloody bedsheet.

?There was additionally a blood trail leading from the living room to the guest room,? the warrant states. ?At the entrance of the guest bedroom, there was a puddle of coagulated blood and blood transfer on the wall, evidencing that the victim collapsed in this room before attempting to return toward the front door.?

Officers found Obumseli in Clenney?s arms in ?another puddle of coagulated blood.? The warrant notes that the amount of blood throughout the apartment indicates Obumseli was ?bleeding for an extend[ed] period before police arrived.?

Obumseli was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. An autopsy report revealed that he suffered a ?stab wound to the chest? and that the knife punctured the subclavian artery.?

?The knife entered in a downward angle to the depth of eight centimeters,? the warrant states.

The angle and direction of the knife, Rundle said on Thursday, call into question Clenney?s claim that she threw the knife at her boyfriend from ten feet away. The state attorney said that previous statements, 911 calls, and videos show Clenney was usually the aggressor in their relationship.

In one violent episode captured on video just two months before the killing, Clenney attacked her boyfriend in an elevator. During the video of the February 2022 incident, which was obtained by The Daily Beast, Clenney is seen striking Obumseli before the elevator doors close after pounding the touch screen of the elevator in anger. Repeatedly slapping, hitting, and grabbing Obumseli?s hair, she appears to persist even as he tries to ward her off. The pair then seem to be yelling at each other while Clenney continues the onslaught before finally the elevator door opens and Obumseli runs away.

Clenney is promptly seen storming after him?lunging before the clip cuts out.