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Thread: Mary Anderson (23) was found dead after going missing; her ex-boyfriend Matthew Davis (34) was shot and killed by police officers when they went to question him

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    Mary Anderson (23) was found dead after going missing; her ex-boyfriend Matthew Davis (34) was shot and killed by police officers when they went to question him

    The body of a Massachusetts woman reported missing over the weekend was found in Vermont on Tuesday. The victim's ex-boyfriend, who had been wanted for questioning in connection with her disappearance, was later shot and killed by officers Tuesday night.

    The body of 23-year-old Mary Anderson of Harvard, Massachusetts, was discovered in her pickup truck in Brattleboro, Vermont, at around 1 a.m. Tuesday, Vermont State Police said.

    She had last been seen Saturday night in Hudson, New Hampshire, state police said.

    After finding her body, state police said earlier Tuesday that they were looking to speak with Anderson's ex-boyfriend, 34-year-old Matthew Davis of Fitchburg, Massachusetts, in connection with her death.

    Then, at about 7:45 p.m. Tuesday night, state police saw Davis walking in West Brattleboro.

    "During an attempt to speak" to Davis, he was shot and killed by officers, state police said in a news release. Police did not disclose if Davis was armed.

    In a news briefing prior to Davis' shooting death, Vermont State Police Maj. Dan Trudeau said it was unclear why Anderson was in Brattleboro.

    "There is no firm connection to the Brattleboro or Vermont area that we've developed yet," Trudeau said.

    Her cause of death will be determined by the Vermont medical examiner's office.

    Anderson's family had reported her missing Sunday after finding her backpack in the yard of her home in Harvard, CBS Boston reports.

    Anderson's mother, Sheila Anderson, told CBS Boston that Davis had "anger issues."

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    Yikes. I lived in Hudson NH for a couple of years. It's not a very big town and there wasn't much there when I lived there. It's right by the MA border and beside Tyngsboro and Nashua. I wonder where they spotted her?
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    I thought the exact same thing. Poor Brennen Tammons.
    Oh well, back to gum.
    ....or exchanging Puke's wang for spicy nuts.
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    That is too pretty to be shoved up an ass.

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    His ex-wife posted this:

    My deepest condolences to the family of Mary Anderson, she was a beautiful girl and was always kind to my children.
    Despite what anyone might be thinking or have heard, my children are suffering the traumatic loss of their father who loved them and whom they loved back, and there are many unanswered questions-their hearts are confused and broken. There is really no peace in a tragedy like this.

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    A missing Harvard woman whose body was found in her pickup truck in Vermont was shot in the head, an autopsy by that state’s chief medical examiner’s office shows.

    Twenty-three-year-old Mary Anderson was reported missing by her family after she failed to text relatives after leaving a friend’s house in Hudson, New Hampshire last Saturday. Her body was found three days later in Brattleboro, Vermont.

    Her ex-boyfriend Matthew Davis, 34, of Fitchburg, who police were searching for in connection with the case, was shot and killed by police Tuesday night in West Brattleboro after he lunged at officers with a knife, Vermont State Police said in a release Thursday evening.

    Police also reported Thursday that autopsies on both Anderson and Davis have been completed, revealing new details into the case.

    Vermont State Police said Anderson’s autopsy reveals she died of a gunshot wound to the head and that the manner of her death has been ruled a homicide.
    Davis had a previous run-in with the law and was sentenced to serve four to nine years at Cedar Junction for attempted assault to murder, among other charges, according to court records.

    Prosecutors proved Davis hid inside a closet at his former girlfriend’s Pittsfield apartment in 2009, where he remained until she arrived early Tuesday morning with her new boyfriend, the Berkshire Eagle reported at the time. The then-21-year-old Davis waited until the couple finished having sex in their bedroom before emerging from the closet with a large kitchen knife, which he used to stab the man multiple times.

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    Damn, that's scary af. He waited until they were done and attacked dude. Well, he took a life before causing his demise, and that's the only tragic thing about his death.

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