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Thread: Molly Cheng (23) drowned herself and her three children after her husband shot himself

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    Molly Cheng (23) drowned herself and her three children after her husband shot himself

    "In the mid-morning of July 1st, 2022, the couple was arguing. He threatened to kill himself in front of his kids and wife, before he followed through. He shot himself in the doorway of their bedroom with one of the two guns found on the premises later by police. When police arrived, Molly?s dad was to take the kids, but at the last moment, she decided to keep them with her. Molly and the children were attended to by a social worker who spent a few hours with them before leaving. Cops? statement said that there was at least one relative in the home with them when the social worker left. Later in the afternoon, after the husband?s family members went live on Facebook about the tragedy as well as to tear down Molly, she called an uncle and said she couldn?t take it anymore and she was going to drown herself and her kids. Police found Molly?s car near Lake Vadnais (MN) along with what appears to be her children?s shoes a few hours later. Later in the late afternoon/early evening, they found the body of the first child who was pronounced deceased at the hospital. First responders did attempt CPR on site. The next day, Molly and the remaining two children were also found in the lake.

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    What a tragic story. I recommend everyone read the rest of the article that was posted above before commenting. There was a lot going on in this case.

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    So very tragic all around. I agree with need to read the entire article to understand the dynamics of what she went through.

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