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Thread: Sean Pickett claimed he was hearing voices when he stabbed his mother, Susan Pickett, and dog, Chico, to death

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    Sean Pickett claimed he was hearing voices when he stabbed his mother, Susan Pickett, and dog, Chico, to death

    The man accused of beating and stabbing his mother and dog to death at their Iowa County home says he was ?hearing evil voices? and ?blacked out? before the murder.

    ?There was people inside my head saying that once I kill them, that I will go rest,? Sean Pickett allegedly told police, according to the criminal complaint filed in Iowa County court.

    Pickett is being charged with one count of first degree intentional homicide in the death of his mother, Susan Pickett, and one count of mistreatment of animals in the death of his dog, Chico.

    Pickett originally called police on May 10th saying his mom and dog were dead. When Avoca Police Chief Dan Carey arrived at the home, he says he saw Pickett with dried blood on his pants, shoes and the front of his shirt.

    Carey put Pickett into protective custody and called for help from the Iowa County Sheriff?s Department and the Muscoda Police Department. When they got to the scene, police found Susan Pickett?s body in a large pool of dried blood in a bedroom, with bruising across her head and face and blood splattered on the ceiling and wall of the bedroom. A large pitbull was also found dead with multiple wounds to the chest.

    In an interview with special agents from the Wisconsin Department of Justice?s Division of Criminal Investigation, Pickett allegedly told investigators he was ?possessed? by evil voices he was hearing in his head.

    ?Just about a day or so ago, I woke up with evil inside,? Pickett told investigators. ?They said, they maked [sic] me believe I was dead and did not think this was real. The evil in my head said I had to kill my mom and Chico in order to go to peace. In order to find rest.?

    Pickett told investigators he told the voices he wasn?t going to kill his mother and dog, but he then went in and out of blacking out.

    He then told investigators he stabbed his mother in the throat multiple times and beat her with a metal bar.

    This trial starts this week and is being covered by Court TV.

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    Anyone who mistreats/kills pets deserve the death penalty! Off with his head!
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    Interested in what the court ordered psychiatrists say. Its too convenient that the voices just started, but he sounds like a legit mentally ill person.

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