I have never heard of this case. We have another missing person on MDS who went to the Electric Forest music festival.



A 25-year-old man who vanished nine years ago after an appointment at a Kalamazoo hospital is still missing.

Jayme Vaughn Bryant would be 34 years old now. His family said he went to a follow-up appointment at a hospital in Kalamazoo on June 29, 2013, and said he would call his mother. He never called and is still missing. Bryant?s mother spoke to the host of the Already Gone Podcast.

She said Bryant had been hospitalized because he had fallen down a flight of stairs. The follow-up appointment was to check his lungs as doctors were worried he had pneumonia.

Police said he may have attended the Electric Forest music festival in Rothbury, Michigan the next day.

?It was a couple of months later that they thought he was at this festival and but there was really no other recollection of that other than that, ?Oh we think he might have been there.? I don?t know if there was any confirmation with his friends or anything. It was just kind of speculation,? his mother said.

Bryant has three tattoos. He had a tattoo on his ribcage of whiskey, a tattoo on his arm that?s the outline of Michigan, and a Misfits tattoo on his forearm. He was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans.