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Thread: John McNamee (47) found dead in the woods months after he went missing in Jacksonville, FL

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    John McNamee (47) found dead in the woods months after he went missing in Jacksonville, FL

    The search for a missing father of two in Jacksonville has brought friends and family all the way from Ireland.

    John McNamee was last seen May 25, and his truck was found near the tree line behind the Quality Inn Airport Hotel on Airport Road.

    When the Jacksonville Sheriff?s Office was alerted to McNamee?s disappearance on May 25, they sent bloodhounds and the Dive Team to the area. Nothing was found.

    McNamee had a flight booked that left Jacksonville on May 30, but he wasn?t on it.

    According to a missing person?s report, JSO does not believe foul play is involved in McNamee?s disappearance.

    But McNamee?s family wants answers -- especially for his 8-year-old and 6-year-old daughters.

    ?We can?t just have this given up on. We have to find him,? his wife, Jennifer McNamee, said. ?There?s got to be somebody out there that knows something.?

    It?s been almost three weeks since Jennifer McNamee last saw her husband.

    John McNamee is originally from Ireland, and his family and friends from back home arrived Sunday night to help in the search.

    They?re searching the wooded area near where his truck was found. They said they will continue until dark Monday.

    John McNamee was last seen three weeks ago.

    McNamee, 47, moved to Jacksonville 13 years ago, but he was born in Ireland. His family overseas says McNamee calls them almost daily. But when weeks passed and they had not heard from him, that?s when they called the police and hopped on a plane to Jacksonville.

    McNamee's sister called the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office from Ireland and told dispatchers that her brother "is going through a divorce and has not been heard from since May 25, 2022."

    His family also contacted Irish newspapers, putting out a plea for help finding McNamee.

    ?John had two kids which he loved dearly and it?s totally out of John?s character to do anything like this," John Mcnamee, an uncle who came from Ireland, said.

    Officers say a truck registered to Mcnamee has been sitting behind the Quality Inn since May26th. The truck had not been reported stolen, and has no evidence of foul play in the truck, according to police.

    McNamee was not registered as staying in the hotel or any of 18 hotels in the area that police checked.

    A missing persons report shows McNamee's wife had filed two previous reports -- she told JSO that she had not heard from her husband in several days and she knew he had left his truck behind. She said they were going through a divorce and was trying to serve McNamee with an injunction. She thought the truck was hidden behind the hotel because McNamee was hiding, not wanting to receive the injunction.

    ?None of it makes sense. How does someone just disappear without a trace, you know?," Jennifer Mcnamee, the wife, said.

    She said McNamee did not seem suicidal and did not own any weapons as far as she knew. Someone had come into her home recently through a side window, but she assumed it was McNamee and therefore didn't call the police. That incident occurred on May 26, the day after McNamee's sister said she last heard from him.

    ?I just don?t know if he was just going through a mental breakdown or what was happening but he lived for those two girls and he?s never been away from them this long. You know they miss their daddy. It?s almost been three weeks now," Jennifer Mcnamee, the wife, said.

    They found that someone with the same name as McNamee was supposed to get on an international flight on May 30, the report said, but his wife did not think he had his passport with him. The family said McNamee did not board that flight.

    A K9 unit responded with a bloodhound and tracked to a pond deep in the wounds.

    A dive team was called to the pond, and are assessing the waters, but family says they still do not have answers as to where McNamee could be or what happened to him.

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    That's a sketchy part of Jax to be missing from.

    Jennifer's FB:

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    Family confirms that body found in woods was Jacksonville father missing for months

    A story of family putting their lives on hold to find their lost loved one has come to a tragic end.

    Human remains found during a search party for Jacksonville father John McNamee, who had not been heard from since May 25, have now been identified.

    The body recovered by police is McNamee, a statement from his family confirmed.

    Police said the cause of death is undetermined at this time.

    The family was searching woods are behind the Quality Inn on Airport Road in Jacksonville Saturday.

    McNamee's truck was found parked behind the Quality Inn shortly after his disappearance, though he had not been a guest there, police reports showed.

    Family told First Coast News they have found clothes and suspected that McNamee had been there.

    The family was told to go home after that.

    Later, police sent out a release saying they had now found human remains. They notified the family Monday afternoon that McNamee was dead.

    McNamee was from Ireland, though he lived in Jacksonville for more than a decade.

    Family said McNamee called all the time, and when they didn't hear from him, they knew something was wrong, police reports show.

    Several members of McNamee's family flew overseas to help find him.

    The family's statement says:

    "On Saturday, July 9, members of Withlacoochee Regional Search and Rescue Team (Ocala, Marion County) along with Chief Samuel J. Matychak took Independent HRD (Human Remains Detection) Dogs Handlers Stephanie and David Hollingsworth (Live Oak), First Response Search Team HRD Dog Handlers Tjasa Landes and Juli Wilkison (Tallahassee), Florida Search & Rescue (volunteers around in Florida) and volunteers of Set Free Church Jacksonville on a private search of the area where John’s pick up truck was found back on May 26. During this search the remains of our beloved John were located.

    We are truly grateful to those who all helped in finding John and enabling us to bring him home.

    Thank you to Jacksonville Sheriff office for all their help and assistance during these difficult weeks.

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