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Thread: Daniel Glen Printz claims he has hidden the bodies of 4 people; he's connected to two known missing persons cases

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    Daniel Glen Printz claims he has hidden the bodies of 4 people; he's connected to two known missing persons cases

    A North Carolina man has claimed to have hidden the bodies of four people, according to newly unsealed federal search warrants. At this time, investigators have not found any of the bodies and have not charged the man with murder.

    Daniel Glen Printz, from Rutherford County, is currently in jail on charges linked to one woman's disappearance.

    Printz was caught on surveillance video on Aug. 27 approaching Edna Suttles, 80, at a South Carolina Food Lion parking lot in August.

    Printz was seen on video getting into Suttles' Jeep, according to the search warrants. That same vehicle was spotted returning to the Food Lion parking lot with Printz at the wheel. Surveillance video then shows Printz moving Suttles, who was "motionless," from her Jeep into his car and driving his car away with her inside.

    Search warrants suggest connection to another missing woman

    Printz was arrested on Sept. 9 at his home in Bostic, North Carolina, on charges of grand larceny based on the surveillance footage. While authorities were searching Printz's home, they found many guns and charged him with several firearms violations.

    Investigators also found a North Carolina's driver's license and passport belonging to Nancy Rego, 66, along with bank statements and a debit card. Rego has been missing from the Charlotte area since 2017.

    Rego's family said Printz and Rego were in a relationship before she disappeared.

    Rutherford County Sheriff's deputies searched Printz's home for a second time later that month and found more documents in Rego?s name along with powerful painkillers. They also found a black bag with zip ties, a Taser, lubricant and crushed Ativan, a narcotic used to treat anxiety that can slow or stop breathing if misused, according to the unsealed warrants.

    A couple weeks later, Printz's wife found a bee box in their backyard with Suttles? purse, a rope, zip ties and medication hidden inside, the documents say. Law enforcement then searched the property for a third time and found Suttles? keys, a yogurt cup laced with drugs and tarps.

    A day after finding this evidence, police dogs searched the property for human remains and did not find any bodies but did identify the scent of human remains near a vehicle panel, trash bag and tarp, the federal warrants said.

    Printz wanted to 'fully disclose his sins' to investigators

    Printz told investigators during two separate interviews that he was friends with Suttles and claimed to drop her off at her home on Aug. 27. In a third interview, when investigators confronted Printz with some of the items they found on his property, he said he wanted to "fully disclose his 'sins' and stated he knew he would likely spend the rest of his life in prison," according to the warrants.

    ?Printz told investigators he wanted to ?purge himself? of details which were not even on the law enforcement ?radar,? and that he wanted to ?come clean? through an attorney at a later date," the warrants said.

    During the course of the investigation, he admitted to hiding four bodies. He told a different story for how each person died and did not directly say he murdered them, according to the federal arrest warrants. In one instance, he claimed to help "euthanize" the family member of a friend. That friend wanted to tell authorities what they had done, Printz said, and suggested to investigators that he killed his friend.

    When questioned specifically about the disappearance of Suttles, Printz declined to provide additional details without a lawyer, but said ?he could take law enforcement to the location of Suttles ?within three feet,?? the warrant said.

    Printz is due in federal court in Asheville in April on the firearms charges.

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    Investigators with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday announced the body of a woman previously reported missing has been found.

    Lt. Ryan Flood, with the Greenville County Sheriff's Office, said the body of Edna Suttles was found Monday morning at about noon in a wooded area off of Harris Holly Springs Road, in Rutherfordton, North Carolina.

    Suttles went missing on Aug. 27, 2021.

    Deputies said Suttles was last seen between 10 a.m. on that day and 2 p.m. on Aug. 28, 2021, on north Highway 25.

    In March, WYFF News 4 reported a federal search warrant had been issued in the case.

    It showed a North Carolina man was being investigated in the Suttles case and also showed he told law enforcement about disposing of at least two bodies.

    The warrant, dated Feb. 23, 2022, was a request to search the former property of Daniel Printz on Kiser Road in Bostic, North Carolina.

    She was believed to have left her residence in her champagne-colored Jeep Grand Cherokee, with a license plate number of 153440W, according to police.

    The search warrant said Printz and Suttles were seen leaving a store on the morning of Aug. 27 in her vehicle.

    The warrant said Printz was arrested on Sept. 9, 2021, at his home on Kiser Road and has not returned to the home since his arrest.

    Printz was charged at the time with grand larceny after surveillance video showed him driving a vehicle belonging to Edna Suttles.

    Flood did not release any information about or comment on Printz.

    "This case, which is actively being investigating by the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of South Carolina and the 13th circuit solicitor’s office, is ongoing," Flood said.

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    It is good she was finally found. Now if they can determine his other victim(s), if he is telling the truth there are others.

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