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Thread: UID Black female teenager found in East Point, GA

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    UID Black female teenager found in East Point, GA

    People around the world are trying to help East Point Police identify a teenage girl whose body was found on Feb. 12.

    Police said she?d been beaten to death.

    Her killer is unknown.

    Now there is a new sketch of the girl generating more tips, including from parents who are desperate to find their own missing daughters, police said.

    It is a story of heartbreak, and of hope for answers.

    Police found the body of the teen abandoned, outside a vacant house on Ben Hill Road in East Point. They believe she was around 14 to 17 years old. She was Black, 5-feet 2-inches tall, about 100 pounds, with short, dark hair that was recently dyed blonde. Her body was half-naked. The medical examiner later said she died from blunt force trauma.

    There was no identification with her body.

    Investigators said a retired FBI agent, a forensic sketch artist--working with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children--offered to draw a second sketch of her to go along with a previous one the GBI drew. East Point Police sent the retired agent photos of the teen's remains, in order to have another depiction of how she would have appeared alive.

    "They?re both great sketches," said East Point Police Captain Allyn Glover on Tuesday. "Maybe one will jog somebody?s memory where the other one didn?t, or vice versa. These are very noticeable freckles, birthmarks, on the face. So that?s going to help us to find her, I honestly believe that. Some family member is going to notice that."

    Captain Glover said hundreds of people have been trying to help--including loved ones of missing, teenaged girls--offering East Point Police tips and photos of missing teens they think might match the appearance of the girl in the sketches.

    Detectives are watching closely to see if any of the tips and photos are coming from people who could possibly be the teen?s family and friends.

    "It?s been breathtaking, to me, of how many tips we've gotten," Glover said. "It's been humbling, all the tips that we?ve gotten from all over the world. I?m talking Germany, United Kingdom, people all over the world have taken to social media to do searches, search Google, search all of the social media, for anything that matches our child victim that we have."

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    So sad. Someone has to be missing this poor girl
    Quote Originally Posted by Miller22 View Post
    I thought the exact same thing. Poor Brennen Tammons.
    Oh well, back to gum.
    ....or exchanging Puke's wang for spicy nuts.
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    That is too pretty to be shoved up an ass.

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    East Point Police ID teen killed, dumped near vacant house

    The remains of a 16-year-old girl, who was beaten to death and dumped next to a vacant house, have been identified, but police are still trying to find her killer.

    East Point police found the teen?s beaten body nearly two months ago. They say the 16-year-old is not from metro Atlanta. Investigators are still piecing together exactly how she ended up dead miles away from home.

    "The family was distraught when they learned that their child was deceased," Det. Lakeisha Watts explained.

    Police credit a sketch with helping them finally put a name to a disturbing murder that shocked their city.

    "A friend of the family reached out to them and said 'hey, I saw a sketch closely resembles your daughter, so you need to contact the police and just verify if this is her or not,'" Watts detailed.
    Have police identified the teen found dead in East Point?

    Investigators said the girl's family lives outside of metro Atlanta. On Friday, they drove down to meet with investigators and positively identified the young girl.

    "It was great news to the department as well as the community, and it's just one step closer to not only bringing closure to the case but to the family as well," Det. Watts detailed.
    When, where was the girl's body found?

    Just after midnight on February 12, police found the teen's beaten body beside a vacant house on Ben Hill Road near Washington Road. Detectives told FOX 5 she was reported missing shortly before her body was found.

    At the family's request, police aren't releasing the girl's name at this time.

    "She wasn't abducted. We're still trying to piece this puzzle together, so we're just speaking with the family as well as all the leads that come how did she go from here to here," the detective said.

    An autopsy determined the girl died from blunt force trauma.

    Detectives are still searching for her killer and say one of the most challenging aspects of this case is that they don't know where the attack happened.

    If you know anything that can help close this case, call police immediately.
    Wonder where the parents thought she was all this time?
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