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Thread: Jane McDonald-Crone (35) missing from Magnolia, TX since 11/14/93; woman living on the streets in Mexico claims she is her

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    Jane McDonald-Crone (35) missing from Magnolia, TX since 11/14/93; woman living on the streets in Mexico claims she is her

    This is from March of this year. I can't find any updates but DNA can take forever. I am very curious to see if it's really her.

    Jane McDonald-Crone went missing in November 1993 after leaving her workplace in Magnolia, Texas. Her car was recovered near her home days later.

    The FBI, which is still appealing for information about her, said at the time it was feared she had been kidnapped.

    Gonzalez told local broadcaster Univision that he noticed a homeless person under some blankets had been laying on the street for three days when he decided to check on them fearing they had COVID-19 and could not breathe.

    However, the good Samaritan was surprised when he found the person was a woman who spoke English, claiming to be McDonald-Crone.

    Gonzalez sought the help of some friends who traced the name back to a woman who went missing when she was aged 35 in the American state of Texas on November 14, 1993.

    The FBI appeal said mother-of-two McDonald-Crone left work in Magnolia, Texas, on November 12, 1993. She was then seen dancing with an unidentified man at a nightclub two days later.

    Her car was found near her home on November 16, 1993 and she was suspected of being a kidnapping victim.

    Nothing was known about her whereabouts until the chance encounter with Gonzalez.

    The group of friends had to put out a sign searching for the homeless woman after she moved from her initial location but she was located and put under the custody of the authorities.

    Local media said officials are now in contact with the FBI and are working to get the homeless woman a DNA test to try to confirm her identity.

    If she is confirmed to be McDonald-Crone she will be sent back to Texas where she has six sisters, three brothers and two children waiting for her.

    Gonzalez said: 'At first they [the family] kind of rejected the idea because they thought it was a scam and we wanted money but I told them we truly just wanted to help her be reunited with her family.

    'I have spoken with one of her sisters and there is a lot of hope, they are very happy. The family is getting together and they are in contact with the authorities but as of yesterday [March 9] they still didn't know anything about the DNA test.'

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    Wow, I want to know if anything came of this!

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