A pregnant librarian in Florida was killed in a shooting following a road rage conflict that she allegedly started.

Sara Morales, 35, was shot and killed by Andrew Derr after she hit his motorcycle with her vehicle, a blue Kia, according to a report .

After the collision, Derr and bystanders allegedly called the police and followed Morales to her home after trying to stop her from leaving.

Morales reportedly refused to stop and drove home with the motorcyclist and bystanders in pursuit.

Once at her home, Morales went inside, grabbed a firearm, and confronted the group outside her home, police said.

Seeing this, Derr, who legally carries a Florida concealed weapons permit, presented his firearm and shot Morales, police said.

Morales, who was four to five months pregnant, was taken to Halifax Health Medical Center, where she died.

Her firearm was retrieved at the scene. She is survived by her fiance and 11-year-old daughter, authorities said.

Derr was not injured, stayed at the scene to cooperate with police, and no person has been charged relating to the incident, according to authorities.