This gets confusing. An article came out in July 2021 about a female officer who, early on in her career with Ottawa Police, became a whistleblower about sexual harassment on the force. Almost immediately she was stripped of her gun and ordered to see a psychologist for a "Fitness for Duty" exam. After 5 visits with the "psychologist", Dr. Frey, in a closet-like room, Constable Kimberly Cadarette swore he was an impostor. Everyone called her crazy. She got a transfer to a detachment four hours away, but her reputation followed her and years later she ended up on leave with PTSD. Fourteen or so years later, there seems to be no record of her meeting with "Dr. Frey" although she has evidence of a report he wrote and signed. The real Dr. Frey denies ever meeting or interviewing Cst. Cadarette, and they even met on camera for an interview, both claiming they had never seen each other before.

Here is the twist: the real doc has now been charged for faking that there was a fake doctor!? Cst. Cadarette still maintains she never met with the real Dr. Frey, and Dr. Frey confirms this, but the police are saying that he DID in fact have contact with the constable and they are charging him with mischief. What the heck?!

Several articles posted below starting with the original reports and ending with the most current arrest of the doctor.