As Halloween approaches, it?s not unusual to see people dressed up as the legendary movie murderer, Michael Myers. But, the last place you?d expect to see the Halloween killer is in a Texas courthouse.

That didn?t stop one attorney from dressing up as Myers while he represented clients at the Galveston County Courthouse Friday.

According to KPRC, KSAT?s sister station, attorney Mark Metzger showed up to the courthouse in the infamous white mask and black jumpsuit all because a judge ?triple dog dared? him to do it.

His response, ?Challenge accepted, Judge.?

?My clients all loved it,? Metzger told KPRC. ?Today, hearings weren?t serious in nature. Most cases were being dismissed or otherwise reset to a later date so the ?temperature? of the courtrooms and my clients were lighthearted so a little fun doesn?t hurt anything. Obviously had today been a serious trial matter or a motions setting, I?d have been dressed professionally.?

This isn?t the first time that Metzger has pulled out the Michael Myers costume. In September, KPRC reported Metzger was detained by police after walking along Galveston beach dressed as Myers with a bloody knife in his hand.

After determining that the knife was fake, he was cited for disorderly conduct.