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Thread: James Valdez (47) missing from Booneville, AR since 6/10/21

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    James Valdez (47) missing from Booneville, AR since 6/10/21

    A 47-year-old Booneville man has been missing since June 9.

    James Valdez, who goes by Jamie, is a husband, father and brother whose family just wants him home.

    Valdez was last seen on approximately June 12 in Ozark when he went to have dinner with friends, his sister Shawn Claiborne said.

    Valdez told the friends that he would return to Booneville but has not been seen since.

    His wife Anna Valdez reported him missing June 20, but she said for the first month, the police did not take a lot of action to find her husband.

    ?I don't know what took them so long," Anna Valdez said.

    Claiborne said that while Valdez has struggled with addiction in the past, he has been clean for more than a year. She does not think that drug use figured into his disappearance.

    ?I don?t know if drugs were involved in his disappearance, but I do know he was clean up until the time of June the 12," Claiborne said.

    Claiborne said she is appreciative of the work that the police have done including organized searches to look for Valdez.

    ?I have to say I am so impressed with what they do because that search was not easy. It was super high weeds and insects and snakes and ticks," said Claiborne, who left her home in Texas to attend one search.
    ?This type of behavior is not like Jamie so yes that does raise some suspicion," Smith said.

    He said that if people know of any information, however seemingly insignificant, they should come forward.

    ?It could be the piece we need to tie it together," Smith said.

    Claiborne said that Valdez is a doting father and an "all-around really good guy."

    ?Jamie is a very family-oriented, kind, loving, happy, very happy-go-lucky, loves-to-laugh type of person, Claiborne said.

    Anna Valdez, who is newly married to Valdez, said she misses her husband.

    ?I don't know. We just miss him. We want him home. We?re ready for him to come home," Anna Valdez said.

    The family is asking anyone who has any information about Valdez to come forward.

    ?Just that we?re not giving up even though you know it?s been several months. We?re going to keep looking for him until he?s found, and we?re going to find whoever is responsible, and of course, we?re going to let the police take care of that, but there will be justice for Jamie," Claiborne said.

    Officials in Booneville and Logan County have been searching for a missing man since June 20 after his wife reporting him missing and an intensive search following the discovery of his cars four day later has turned up little in the way of clues to his possible whereabouts.

    Forty-seven Year-old James Valdez has not been heard from since June 17. His wife of approximately one month told police she and Valdez had gotten into an argument and he left their residence in in his 2010 Chevy Equinox. She reported him missing to police June 20o.

    The vehicle was located four days later ten miles southeast of Booneville and reported by a concerned citizen, who said there was a cryptic message etched into the dirt on the back glass of the vehicle.

    Although the vehicle was located in an area outside the jurisdiction of the Booneville Police Department, the initial call reporting Valdez missing came into that agency and the investigative division of the BPD has taken the lead into the subsequent inquiries.

    According to a criminal investigator with that department, officers located the Equinox on Dry Creek Road in the unincorporated community of Sugar Creek in rural Logan County. The area is ten miles southeast of Booneville, eight miles due south of Magazine and just north of the Logan/Polk county line.

    The citizen that called in the information was struck by the message traced into the dirt on the back window of he vehicle: "He is Near. Help me."

    Search parties, including a dive team, searched a wide radius in and around the vehicle in an effort to locate any clue to Valdez's whereabouts. According to a lead investigator for the case an insurance card belonging to Valdez was located outside of the vehicle and a family member said some personal items, including clothing, may have been missing from the car as well.

    Another concern for the family is the fact that Valdez is diabetic and when he left home after the argument with his wife he failed to take his medications with him.

    A candlelight vigil will be held today (Oct. 23) for a man that has been missing from Logan County since June 2021.

    47-year-old James Valdez also known as "Jamie" went missing on June 10 after driving off after having an argument with family at a home in Booneville.

    Ten days later, Valdez's vehicle was found in Sugar Grove with the words "help me, he is near" written on the back window. His vehicle's keys were missing and the driver's seat was also adjusted and pulled forward, according to police.
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    The "missing since" dates are all over the place here! Which is it?? lol.

    Edited to add: that message on his car is creepy.
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    This was posted on FB by his sister on 7/9/22:

    This is actually a post from a year ago about Jamie Valdez missing. I just can't believe this much time has gone on and there has been no word from him which in itself tells us everything we need to know because he would NEVER in a million years not reach out to his family. There have been lots and lots of people come forward with information about what had happened to him (murder), but we don't have the hard evidence we need YET. The post says you can call his wife with information, but that's not true. She wants nothing to do with helping find him. I won't go into all that because that would take focus off of Jamie.

    We need YOUR help! What have you seen or heard? If you know something, please, please, please tell us! We already know he's gone. We just need to know specifics, so we can get justice for him and find wherever he may be even if it's in pieces as we've been told. We'd like to put him to rest even if it's just part of him. That sounds horrible and honestly it really is the worst thing ever. After going through this for a year now, We are braced for the very worst and that we'll never have all of him. We will get justice for him, but we need the help of whoever knows. You can remain anonymous if you wish. (We did find out that the words written were done as a prank by some young people - just wanted to mention that because they always look so ominous!)
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