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I'm not in the mood to argue, so I will say this and I am done until they say one way or another what they are going to do.

None of us know what they are going to do. I am not a fan anymore (used to really like him 30 years ago) but that has no bearing on how I feel.

There was no intent. He was told it was a cold gun. Producer or not, he can't oversee everything on the movie...that's why you hire other professionals and they take on the responsibility.

I'm a huge union supporter, but my guess is the replacement scabs were probably just as qualified, but with less ethics and morals. My guess is it would have happened no matter what was going on with the union. The safety accusations from before could very well back him up, because even then he was not the prop handler. If they had an issue it would have been with the props person(s), not him.

I think he will not be charged (as happened with the Lee shooting) and her estate will sue him and the insurance on the movie will pay up.

Sadly for her, life will move on and this will become another asterisk on an IMDB entry.

I feel sorry for everyone involved. I look at it like when you are coming down a residential street and not paying full attention, but following the speed limit and other laws, and a toddler, whose mom looked away to answer her phone, shoots out of the driveway into the path of your car and you kill them. It's a horrible tragedy, and EVERYONE involved will have their life change and have to live with the consequences and guilt forever, but likely no one will be charged.

So that's my $.02.
I agree there was no intent. And there may well be no criminal charges, but I'm sure there will be civil liability. Halyna's family will sue and will get big bucks. Hopefully, for Baldwin's sake, the corners he cut didn't include skimping on liability insurance.