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Thread: Woman (19) "With Obvious Signs Of Trauma" Found Dead In Saguaro National Park East

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    Woman (19) "With Obvious Signs Of Trauma" Found Dead In Saguaro National Park East

    TUCSON (KVOA) - An investigation is underway after a woman was found dead in Saguaro National Park East Wednesday afternoon.

    According to park officials, a body with obvious signs of trauma was discovered Wednesday near the Grass Shack campsite. This location is located in a remote area of Saguaro National Park East on the south side of the Rincon Mountains.

    Park authorities said the location of woman requires a three-hour hike to access.

    Officials have not yet determined if the death is suspcious.

    Details are limited at this time.

    It's possible the trauma is related to a fall. This site has pix of the area
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    Still no name but a little more info.

    Washington Teen Found Dead in Arizona National Park

    According to The Herald Sun, park rangers discovered the body of a 19-year-old woman in AZ’s Saguaro National Park last week. Officials found the Washington teen’s body near a campsite in Grass Shack Campground.

    The news outlet further stated that reaching the remote campsite requires uphill backpacking. Additionally, the grounds, which host a minimal three campsites within the Rincon Mountains, lie 10 miles from the nearest trailhead. Therefore, hiking alone to one of the campsites could potentially prove dangerous should something go wrong.

    Since authorities discovered the young woman’s remains, the campground was shut down. Currently, investigations surrounding the woman’s death continue, however, investigators have not announced a cause of death or the woman’s identity. Of the fatality, Chief Ranger Kelsey Cassidy said, “At this point in the investigation the death appears to be an accident.”

    Regardless, she shared that officials continue to work to find answers surrounding the woman’s death. However, at this point, several factors could have led to the fatality. According to the news outlet, visitors to the 100,000-acre Saguaro Wilderness Area should bring at least a gallon of water. The national park service also shared that weather in the park changes rapidly without warning, creating several potential hazards.

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