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Thread: Police Investigating After A Woman's Body Was Found In An Abandoned House (Ringwood, Victoria)

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    Police Investigating After A Woman's Body Was Found In An Abandoned House (Ringwood, Victoria)

    Woman found dead in abandoned Ringwood, Vic house
    Police officers who entered an abandoned house in Victoria shortly before midnight on Saturday made a grisly discovery.

    Anton Nilsson

    September 12, 2021 - 7:06PM

    A dead woman was discovered in an abandoned house in an eastern Melbourne suburb on Saturday night.

    Police officers received a phone call at about 11.30pm telling them a body had been found in the house on Bedford Road in Ringwood.

    The officers entered the building and found the body, and established a crime scene.

    Homicide squad detectives have been assigned the case and have urged anyone with information about what happened to come forward and call Crime Stoppers.

    The woman hasn?t yet been formally identified.

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    I wanted to see if there was an update on this case, so I Googled "unidentified body Ringwood Victoria" and came up with an extensive list of unidentified bodies from that area.

    This article is behind a paywall, but there appears to be a lot of bodies piling up in Victoria.

    Do you know this man?: 142 unidentified Vic bodies a mystery
    Victoria has 142 unidentified human remains. One of them is an infant. They are just some of the bodies and bones piling up at police, mortuary and forensic facilities.
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