The husband of an Idaho woman who authorities initially believed was killed during a home robbery more than six years ago is now facing accusations in her death.

Whitney Murphy was only 26 years old when she was fatally shot the night of Oct. 26, 2014. Her husband, Jimmy Lee Murphy, told authorities at the time that he came home that night to find his wife murdered, claiming that he had been washing his truck and checking sprinkler pivots per instructions from his boss to 'water the farm,' according to court documents cited by the Idaho State Journal on Monday.

Nothing was taken from the home aside from Jimmy's shotgun, which police believe was used in the killing.

That firearm still has not yet been recovered, People reported.

While investigators at first suggested Whitney died during a robbery gone wrong, they eventually became suspicious of Murphy, who also had gunshot residue on his hands the day of the incident. According to a statement from authorities, he initially attributed it to a recent hunt, but later changed his story, claiming he hadn't been hunting because he lacked a proper license, according to the statement.

Police have also accused the suspect of providing conflicting information about his whereabouts the night of the murder, the statement says.

What's more, Murphy's boss said he never gave any instruction or orders the day Whitney was killed.

Authorities have also alleged that the man pulled out a $650,000 life insurance policy in his wife's name, which the company later refused to pay.

Murphy is slated to appear in court later this week. He was arrested Wednesday and is facing one count of first-degree murder.