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Thread: Former singer (Cedrick Cotton, 46) of R&B group Ideal stabbed to death in Houston

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    Former singer (Cedrick Cotton, 46) of R&B group Ideal stabbed to death in Houston

    Cedrick Cotton, known as 'Swab' from the popular 90s R&B group Ideal, was stabbed to death in southwest Houston on Tuesday. He was 46.

    The police identified the suspect as a Black male in his mid to late 20's.

    Cotton's mother, Delores Floyd, said he frequented the local Fondren Food Market where he was killed in broad daylight.

    'He'd ride his little bike, go there, get a quick cigarette. The next thing I know, I get this call and I heard people' 'He comes here every day. He doesn't bother anybody. He's a good guy,'' Floyd told ABC 13 News.

    When news began circulating around Cotton's death, members of the community gathered, including Cotton's uncle, William King.

    'I saw him just lying there. I couldn't do nothing but just cry last night,' King said.

    Cotton was a member of the R&B group Ideal with his brother Maverick 'Mav' Cotton, cousin Wayne 'PZ' Perry, and friend Jay 'J-Dante' Green that released their debut album in 1999, which garnered singles including 'Get Gone,' 'Creep Inn,' and 'Whatever.'

    The group issued a statement on their official Facebook page on Thursday, acknowledging him as 'a loving father, a good brother, and an awesome friend.'

    'This unexpected attack has devastated our family, friends and support system,' the group said.

    While the incident is currently under investigation, Floyd is urging for the suspect to turn himself in to authorities.

    'Whoever did this, turn yourself in. You know, it's time out for this foolishness. Killing people is not the right thing to do,' Floyd said.

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