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Thread: Woman linked to crime by Cheeto residue on her teeth

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    Woman linked to crime by Cheeto residue on her teeth

    TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) ? Tulsa police said a woman is in jail after Cheeto residue on her teeth linked her to an attempted home burglary.

    Police said on Feb. 26 patrol officers were dispatched to reports of a person attempting to force their way through the window of a home near 51st and Sheridan.

    The victim was alone in the residence with two small children. She told 911 that a person was breaking in through a window.

    Officers arrived quickly and found an open window with the screen removed on the front of the house and a few seconds later they saw Sharon Carr come out of the shadows and arrested her.

    Police said Carr allegedly pried the screen off and opened a window using a board. She then entered the home through the window, but left before stealing anything or harming the residents.

    Officers suspect she was spooked when she heard the residents in the house.

    Officers said they found an empty Cheeto bag and a bottle of water on the floor near the open window. Officers believe Carr dropped the Cheeto bag and water as she made her escape out the window.

    The victim identified Carr as the burglar after seeing her. Carr was further linked to the crime by Cheeto residue in her teeth.

    Carr was arrested on a first-degree burglary complaint. She offered no reason for committing the crime, police said.

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    This is something I never thought I'd read as a headline
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    Because they are probably not ghetto and hood like me.

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