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Thread: Kimberly Moreau (17) missing from Jay, ME since 5/10/1986

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    Kimberly Moreau (17) missing from Jay, ME since 5/10/1986

    The family of a Maine woman who went missing 35 years ago is offering a new $5,000 reward for information about their daughter's remains.
    [Maine family still searching for Kimberly Moreau]

    Then 17-year-old Kimberly Moreau was last seen on May 10,1986 on Jewell Street in Jay. The family says foul play is suspected.

    In the early 2000s, her family offered a similar reward to no avail. They're now offering $5,000, noting that times are much different now than they were when the original reward was offered.

    Richard Moreau, Kim?s father, said in 2018 he knows his daughter is dead, but says he is willing to do anything just to find her body and bury her next to her mother.

    "All I need is a piece. I would be okay if I go the rest of my life without finding out what happened or why it happened. I just want to know the where,'" Moreau said to CBS13 in 2018.

    On Monday, Moreau told CBS13 all he wants to do is bring her home before the 35th anniversary of her disappearance this May. He pointed out that if it was an accidental death, the statute of limitations has expired and the person could come forward with any information and not be charged.

    Moreau said as long as someone gives him the information on where her body is, they get the $5,000, no questions asked even if they were involved.

    In the decades since Kim?s disappearance, police have led dozens of searches and followed up on leads but none of them have turned up her body.

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    Ugh, can you imagine having to fork over money to the person who killed your child?

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