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Thread: Cynthia Mosby (65) was stabbed to death by her granddaughter (14)

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    Cynthia Mosby (65) was stabbed to death by her granddaughter (14)

    . WXYZ) ? Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has charged a 14-year-old Canton girl for allegedly stabbing her grandmother to death.

    According to the prosecutor's office, the 14-year-old has been charged with first-degree murder and second-degree murder, but is not being charged as an adult. She has been adult-designated, meaning the judge can sentence her as a juvenile or as an adult.

    According to police, they responded to the home of 65-year-old Cynthia Mosby on Feb. 22 after her body was found by her son, who is the girl's father.

    The girl was not home at the time.

    Police say the girl planned to kill her grandmother and then fled to a motel in Southgate, where she was taken into custody.

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    Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy added, “The fatal stabbing of Ms. Mosby is very sad and disturbing.

    Ms. Mosby was a nurse who was raising her granddaughter.

    Our prayers go out to her son and family. In this case the 14-year-old girl is being adult designated because upon conviction it gives the judge the most flexibility during sentencing to provide options for rehabilitation of this very troubled youth.”

    Police say Mosby’s body was found by her son, the suspect’s dad. When he found Mosby in the Canton home his daughter was not around.

    Officers were directed to a bedroom in the home where the victim’s body was facing down on the floor with several stab wounds.

    The prosecutor’s office stated the teen allegedly planned the crime, although no additional details were provided.

    On Feb. 21 the teen allegedly killed her grandmother by stabbing her multiple times with a kitchen knife.

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