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Thread: Amy Harrison arrested for child neglect after she got in an argument with her husband and left him with the kids and he disappeared and one child died from hypothermia

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    Amy Harrison arrested for child neglect after she got in an argument with her husband and left him with the kids and he disappeared and one child died from hypothermia

    A woman is behind bars and investigators are searching for her husband after the couple?s toddler was found by hunters in Scott County this weekend.

    Amy Harrison faces several child neglect charges after investigators say her little girl died, likely from hypothermia.

    Deputies say this tragedy unfolded Thursday, January 21 along I-20 as James and Amy Harrison of North Carolina traveled through Mississippi.

    A 7-year-old boy from a previous relationship and the couple?s 2-year-old daughter were inside the vehicle when an argument broke out between the couple, deputies say.

    Scott County officials say Amy Harrison then got out of the vehicle around exit 100 and called a friend from Greenville, Mississippi to pick her up.

    The next day, the woman contacted both the Scott County Sheriff?s Office and the Newton County Sheriff?s Office to report that she had not heard from her husband.

    Saturday, January 23, both children were found by hunters off the road in a wooded area, near Tanglewood Road, but only the seven-year-old was alive.

    The boy is in the custody of the Department of Human Services and is living with a deputy and his family at this time, deputies say, but the search is still on to find James Harrison.

    Scott County officials say James Harrison appeared to be delusional according to a nearby resident.

    The resident told investigators the father never asked for help but only said he was looking for his girlfriend.

    Deputies say James Harrison is a type one diabetic and is without medicine.

    Based on their investigation, detectives have reason to believe James Harrison may also have been suffering from hypothermia.

    His cell phone has not been on since Thursday, January 21, officials say.

    Lee said that the family was reported missing on Friday by their mother. She told deputies that she last saw her family on Thursday after an argument with the children?s father.

    She said she got out of the truck at a BP gas station in the town of Lake. Investigators are trying to find out why the woman waited a day to report her family missing.
    Playing devil's advocate here...if she left the children with an adult, how is it her fault that he went missing and dumped the kids? Unless there was something about him that should have let her know that, I find this an odd charge. Maybe it's just me though.

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    I find it odd as well. Maybe they know something we don't?
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    I third this.

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    I wonder what the hell happened after she got out of the car? Did the husband go out looking for her?

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    Something stinks with this one..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angiebla View Post
    I wonder what the hell happened after she got out of the car? Did the husband go out looking for her?
    apparently...but technically she didn't abandon the children, he did to go after her. Which I guess if he didn't and she was found dead they'd be blaming him for not going to look for her. so it's a lose lose situation. I don't think he'll be found alive but I don't exactly agree that she should be charged with anything unless more info comes out.

    I don't have time to go reading more or any rumors until this weekend and all that so if anyone finds anything interesting please post it, I'm intrigued.
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