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Thread: Sumter County Does identified as Pamela Buckley (25) and James Freund (30)-shot and killed in 1976

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    Sumter County Does identified as Pamela Buckley (25) and James Freund (30)-shot and killed in 1976

    The identities of a John and Jane Doe, found shot to death in Sumter County nearly 45 years ago was revealed.

    The Sumter County Sheriff?s Department has announced that the identities of John and Jane Doe from 1976 are Pamela Buckley and James Freund.

    Both victims went missing in 1975.

    In August of 1976 the bodies of a man and woman were found on the side of Locklair Road in Sumter County. Both had been shot multiple times.

    The fatal shot for each of them was a shot to the back of the head, said the Sumter County Coroner.

    Pamela was reported missing from Colorado and James was reported missing from Pennsylvania, according to Sheriff Dennis.

    The DNA Doe Project helped identify the victims.

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    The couple's bodies were kept at a local funeral home in caskets with airtight, see-through lids in hopes that someone would identify them. People from all over the country called to inquire about them, including several parents of young runaways. None were able to identify the bodies.[3]
    That's from the wiki page. I found it very interesting. I didn't know funeral homes did this.

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