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Thread: Man accused of killing his wife (Angela Carey, 30) and her parents (Lupe Mcgranahan, 63), (Charles Mcgranahan, 79) in Butler County

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    Man accused of killing his wife (Angela Carey, 30) and her parents (Lupe Mcgranahan, 63), (Charles Mcgranahan, 79) in Butler County

    MORGANTOWN, Ky. ' Just before 10 a.m., Kentucky State Police were called to a home on Lonnie Snodgrass Road in Butler County.

    Upon their arrival they found three people shot to death: Lupe V. Mcgranahan, 63, Charles W. Mcgranahan, 79, and Angela R. Carey, 30. All had been shot multiple times.

    Police found Joseph M. Carey, 32, of Bowling Green, who is the husband of Angela Carey at the residence. Joseph Carey was detained and later charged in the deaths of all three victims.

    A lifetime friend and neighbor of the family, Bridgette Dockery, heard Charles scream and shortly after, saw Joseph Carey in the yard.

    'I heard Chuck yell. And I heard some gunshots, and then I saw somebody walking around outside. And I ran over there. It was too late though. He [Carey] was just kneeled down outside by himself, and there was no other noise coming from the house. And I saw a body lying in the doorway,' said Dockery.

    Police immediately detained the man sitting on his knees outside, according to Kentucky State Police.

    The homicides were unfathomable for Dockery and her sister.

    'It's traumatizing because I've never seen or heard anything like this ever, you know. We are very small community and everybody's like family here. Nothing like this has ever happened this close to home, and I know it feels like to lose both of your parents. But not like this. Nobody should have to lose your family like this,' said Dockery.

    Dockery says she finds comfort in knowing where the victims are now.

    'They were God-fearing, Bible-believing Christians and when my mom was sick and we were little girls, they brought prayer cloths over here that them and their church and prayed for. They are going to be extremely missed but I know where they are. I know where they are. I know their family knows where they went and I'm thankful for that peace,' said Dockery.

    That peace is also accompanied with happy memories.

    'He loved to whistle, and he'd be mowing his yard and you could hear Chuck whistling over the lawnmower. It's just a friendly face, you know, just those big open arms you could always go to and nobody was ever turned away,' said Dockery.

    Joseph Carey was charged with one count of murder-domestic violence, two counts of murder and three counts of wanton endangerment for other individuals inside the home who were not shot.

    'The people of this community are going to be hurting because everybody loved Chuck and Lupe,' said Dockery.

    Joseph Carey is lodged in the Butler County Detention Center.

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    What the hell happened here? They look like such a normal family. So, so sad. May they rest in peace...
    You are talking to a woman who has laughed in the face of death, sneered at doom and chuckled at catastrophe.
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