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Thread: Wealthy Sweet N Low magnate Donald Tober (89) leaps to his death from NYC apartment

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    Wealthy Sweet N Low magnate Donald Tober (89) leaps to his death from NYC apartment

    A wealthy, 89-year-old artificial sweetener magnate who made Sweet?N Low a household name has committed suicide by jumping from his Park Avenue apartment building, law enforcement sources told The Post.

    Donald Tober, CEO and co-owner of the New York-based 1,400-employee Sugar Foods, leapt to his death just after 5 a.m. Friday, and was found in the courtyard of the luxury Upper East Side building between 65th and 66th streets, the sources said.

    He was struggling with Parkinson?s disease, the sources said.

    At the helm of Sugar Foods, Tober turned the company?s flagship product, Sweet?N Low, and its ubiquitous little pink packets, into a mainstay on kitchen counters and restaurant tables across the country, along with Sugar in the Raw and N?Joy nondairy creamer.

    ?Basically, we?re concerned with everything that surrounds the coffee cup,? Tober told Restaurant News in 1995. ?We?re tightly focused.?

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    I can understand wanting to die because of Parkinson's but man, leaping off a building will always be a weird way to commit suicide to me because what if you don't die and you are just in horrific pain and then maybe a vegetable? Like if I'm doing it, I'm doing it foolproof.

    (I'm not doing it!)

    I never try anything, I just do it. Wanna try me?

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