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Thread: Sacramento County Sheriff's Office says suspect Kershawn Geiger (22) killed, deputy wounded in shootout

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    Sacramento County Sheriff's Office says suspect Kershawn Geiger (22) killed, deputy wounded in shootout

    The Latest ? Jan. 16 (12:30 a.m.) ? The sheriff?s office says one person was taken into custody. It was unclear if investigators were searching for anyone else but neighbors were still asked to stay inside shortly after midnight.

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) ? The Sacramento County Sheriff?s Office says a shootout between law enforcement and several suspects wounded a deputy and killed one suspect.

    According to the sheriff?s office, the shooting happened just after 8:15 p.m. near Ranger Way and Rampart Drive in Carmichael.

    The 47-year-old deputy is in surgery, according to a source with the sheriff?s office.

    The sheriff?s office says the deputy has been with the department for 15 years.

    There are still outstanding suspects, according to the sheriff?s office.

    Residents in the area have been asked to stay inside and lock their doors.

    No other information has been made available.

    Stay with FOX40 for updates.

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    (KTXL) — Drivers were once again allowed on Winding Way in Carmichael after the road was blocked off and filled with police vehicles.

    “It was a really bad situation,” said resident Don.

    Don says the incident happened right outside his home.

    “I was in the living room watching a football game and all of the sudden around 8:15 I heard (claps hands) something like that,” Don told FOX40.

    Don didn’t think it was a shooting, so he left his apartment to investigate.

    “I thought it was a road rage. Even my other neighbor said it sounded like a someone pounding on the roof of somebody’s car. That sound was the officer unloading his gun,” Don said.

    That’s when a long line of police cars rolled in and soon people living nearby were told to leave.

    “Police didn’t want us to go back into our apartment because of flying bullets,” Don said.

    The Sacramento Sheriff’s Office says members of their gang suppression unit were conducting a follow-up investigation regarding a possible gang-related shooting.

    Evidence led them to Rampart Drive and Ranger Way where they found the car they were looking for as part of their investigation.

    According to the sheriff’s office, there were two people inside that vehicle.

    “Sometime during that contact, multiple shots were fired striking our detective as well as the suspect,” said Sgt. Kionna Rowe.

    The 47-year-old detective that was injured is expected to survive but was seriously injured.

    One of the suspects died at the scene after being shot, and the other was later arrested.

    Law enforcement had kept searching for more suspects after the shooting but later decided that wasn’t the case.

    “We don’t have any outstanding subjects that the community should on a high alert about,” Rowe said.

    While the chaos ensured, Rowe says the other officers took the injured detective, who is a 15-year veteran, to the hospital.

    It’s a decision Rowe told FOX40 probably saved his life.

    “Every second counts. Obviously, that was a decision that those officers on scene made to try to get him treatment as quickly as possible,” Rowe said.

    Neighborhood witnesses say they didn’t expect an incident like that to take place.

    “This is a good neighborhood, but lately I think it’s going downhill,” Don said.

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    Update Kershawn Geiger is the identified victim in the Shooting.

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento family wants answers after their son was killed in a Carmichael shooting involving Sacramento County sheriff’s deputies.

    A detective was also wounded but is expected to survive.

    JW Geiger’s memory of what happened on Ranger Way and Rampart Drive in Carmichael on Friday night is still fresh in his mind.

    He told CBS13 what he said what happened that night.

    “After the first shot rang off, I just covered and just laid in the seat,” Geiger said.

    It’s also the night he was in the same car as his brother Kershawn who was killed in a shooting involving Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies.

    “I click my seatbelt and then all I see is lights,” Geiger said.

    “I hear, ‘hands, hands, hands’ and then a split second after that, shooting,” said JW.

    The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office said members of the Gang Suppression Unit were doing a follow-up investigation in Carmichael on Friday night regarding a possible gang-related shooting when detectives found a car that was connected with that investigation. They tried to make contact with the two people inside.

    Investigators tell CBS13, at some point during that time, multiple shots were fired, hitting one detective and killing Kershawn Geiger.

    The Sheriff’s Office issued a statement that was released a day after the shooting reads, in part, “At some point during the contact, multiple shots were fired, striking one detective and the suspect. Fire personnel responded; however, upon arrival, they pronounced the suspect deceased at the scene.”

    When asked if anyone inside the car had fired shots in the shooting, JW Geiger said that no shots were fired from those people in the car.

    “The first thing they told me when I came to the scene is that my son shot a police officer. I don’t even know that that’s true,” said Yaphette Geiger, Kershawn’s mother.

    The Geiger family wants answers on what exactly happened that night.

    “I had another son in there. He’s going to contradict that didn’t happen. I want to know what evidence they have to say it did. And if that happened, I’m okay with it. I’m going to have to be, but right now I need to know,” said Yaphette.

    CBS13 asked the sheriff’s office if it had any comment or response to the claims made by the family.

    A spokesperson said that they had hoped to have more information that would be made available, but there was no new information that was available. Their investigation is ongoing.

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    CARMICHAEL, Calif. — JW Geiger, 22, was sitting in the passenger seat next to his brother when Sacramento County Sheriff’s detectives opened fire on Friday night.

    The Sacramento County Sheriff's Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) were following up on evidence that led them to a location in Carmichael, where they found a car connected to their investigation. The detectives tried to make contact with the people in the car, but at some point during the encounter, shots were fired. JW's brother and one of the detectives were shot.

    Kershawn Geiger, 24, died following the shooting on Friday, January 15, in front of the Crestview North Apartments in Carmichael, where he had just dropped off his two-year-old daughter and her mother, family members said.

    The second person who was shot that evening was a 47-year-old detective with 15 years in the department, officials say. The officer remains in an area hospital and is expected to survive.

    The Geiger’s were apparently driving a vehicle connected to the investigation.

    “At some point during the contact, multiple shots were fired striking one detective and the suspect,” the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office press release said.

    The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office has yet to confirm exactly who fired shots that evening. The other responding detective has been placed on paid administrative leave, pending an investigation of the officer involved shooting.

    JW said the officers shined flashlights into the vehicle and yelled at the Geiger’s several times to put their hands up, but never announced themselves as law enforcement nor did they use their red and blue flashing lights. He added that he didn’t know he was being approached by police until he was in handcuffs.

    JW says he’s sure neither he nor his brother fired shots that night, leading him to believe that the detective’s injuries were a result of friendly fire.

    “I believe that the one on my side, also shot through the window, and I believe it may have hit the other officer,” JW said.

    Jethro Geiger, 56, father of JW and Kershawn is angry about the incident and is demanding answers for what happened.

    “If they shot off four times, [yelled] 'hands, hands, hands' and immediately started shooting, that’s an assassination. They’re intending to shoot to kill,” Jethro said.

    Family members and friends held a somber vigil where Kershawn was killed to close out the weekend. Candles, balloons, and photos of the young father laid atop broken pieces of glass from the bullet shattered car window. Kershawn was a father of two young girls and worked as an electrician, but also went to carpenter school.

    Their mother Yaphette Geiger, in tears, asked for answers as to why officers opened fire on her sons.

    “My son is gone because God allowed it, He saved me one,” Yaphette said. “But, why did they kill him?”

    The Sheriff’s Office was contacted multiple times for comment, however a spokesperson told ABC10 no further information could be released beyond the latest department press release on the incident which can be viewed here.

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    SACRAMENTO, Calif — Family and friends said the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office left too many holes in their account of 24-year-old Kershawn Geiger’s death a week ago.

    There is also outrage from family and community activists after the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office released a video of Geiger getting involved with a shooting at the Sun Valley Apartments on 50th Avenue in South Sacramento.

    “The negative standpoint of how they displayed this young man from the time before he got shot is manipulating those who would probably see something different,” said Berry Accius from Voice of the Youth.

    Geiger was later killed by detectives in the sheriff’s office’s Gang Suppression Unit near Rampart Drive and Ranger Way in Carmichael.

    That’s the shooting his parents said they want more details about, but so far, they’ve gotten only an animated recreation video from the sheriff’s office.

    Parents of Sacramento man who was shot, killed by deputies speak out
    “That reenactment said my son’s hands was up. So, you say gun and shoot? Where did that come from?” asked Geiger’s mother, Yaphette Geiger.

    “They’re not going to let no armed suspect open up a car door, get out and get off a round. They’re going to put him down right there as he sits, and that’s exactly what they did,” added Kershawn Geiger’s father, Jethro Geiger.

    The two deputies involved were in undercover vehicles and had no dashcams.

    While the sheriff’s office said body cameras are on their way as of the shooting, the office does not yet have them.

    “They have not even interviewed any other eye witnesses,” Accius said.

    The official story from the sheriff’s office is deputies said they were approaching Kershawn Geiger and his brother inside a vehicle when a detective saw Kershawn Geiger had a gun. They added Kershawn Geiger fired his weapon first, wounding a deputy.

    Those deputies then returned fire, killing Kershawn Geiger. His brother was unharmed and later arrested.

    But Kershawn Geiger’s family said others tell a different story.

    “There’s multiple witnesses that say they’re lying,” Yaphette Geiger said.

    The family is also upset that the sheriff’s office is trying to portray Kershawn Geiger, a father of two who was going to school and working as an electrician, as a gang member.

    “Criminal this, criminal that. Put him down, it don’t matter. Wash it away,” Jethro Geiger told FOX40. “No, there’s something called due process and he should have been afforded that opportunity.”

    FOX40 did reach out to the sheriff’s office again Friday, which is standing by that video as being accurate. However, they said the investigation is still ongoing.

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