One man has been arrested and another is being sought in the New Year?s Day murder of a Shively woman who was killed in her home.

Steven Lovingood, 30, was arraigned Thursday in the shooting death of Jennifer Whittaker, 40. Family members said Whittaker was a young grandmother who ran her her own cleaning business. They also say the two men accused in her killing are brothers she knew very well.

?Just knowing that the police have caught at least one of them,? said her sister-in-law Sherry, ?is a huge relief to our family.?

Lovingood, known as ?Steffan,? was picked up by police but they are still looking for his brother, George Carmichael III.

?They were not direct family but they were like family,? said Sherry, who asked that we not use her last name, ?she had known them for a really long time.?

Whittaker called Lovingood ?nephew? and he called her ?Auntie?.

Arraigned Thursday, Lovingood?s attorney went for a low bond because of his limited criminal history, but the prosecutor quickly objected and called the facts of the case ?chilling.?

Lovingood and Carmichael are accused of entering Whittaker?s Dixie Highway home, waking her up in bed at 5:30 a.m. According to his arrest warrant, Lovingood said, ?Auntie, Happy New Year, this is for my brother,? before shooting her multiple times.

In the warrant, a Shively police detective states a second victim in the home, a man, had to watch Whittaker?s murder. Carmichael then put his gun to the man?s head and pulled the trigger multiple times. When the gun failed to fire, Lovingood and Carmichael ran.

?It?s going to be very hard to explain to her granddaughter when she is old enough to understand,? Sherry said.

The family believes the vendetta was over something the brothers thought Whittaker knew about the December 10 killing of a third brother, Raquan Carmichael, who was arrested in a 2014 murder case.

?We?re just hoping that she gets justice through the justice system and they are held accountable for what they did,? Sherry said. ?I hope that guilt eats at them, that they killed the wrong person.

Lovingood?s attorney said his client is innocent and he plans to clear his name.

The family, who says Jennifer Whittaker always supported them, set up a GoFundMe page to support her daughter and granddaughter.