The remains of a baby/fetus were found hidden in the wall of a house in Pacolet, SC that was being remodeled. I did a little searching and it appears all of the homes on Milliken Road were built circa 1915, so the baby could have been placed there anytime during the past 105 years. This should be interesting.

Also, feeling pretty chuffed at creating my first MDS article in fifteen years!

PACOLET, S.C. (WSPA) ? An investigation is underway after a child?s remains were found in the wall of a home in Pacolet on Saturday.

Spartanburg County Coroner Rusty Clevenger said his office responded Saturday night to the home, located on Milliken Street, regarding possible remains being found within a wall of a residence.

Clevenger said the house was being remodeling when the remains were found.

In his 30 years as the Spartanburg County Coroner, Clevenger said this is unlike anything he?s ever seen.

?It does shock the conscience of most people,? Clevenger said. ?I would say 99.9% of the people, it would definitely shock them, but we move forward.?

The investigation is in the beginning stages, but Clevenger said they believed the remains have been concealed for a long period of time.

?We have already talked to our pathologist and our anthropologist about this. We?re going to refer it to the anthropologist, forensic anthropologist, and it takes an amount of time to be able to catalogue all the bones,? Clevenger said.

The coroner?s office will follow up after the exam with law enforcement to determine other aspects of the investigation. He said anthropology exams take much longer than pathology exams and it could take several months to obtain the report from the forensic anthropology in this case.

?We are human first and foremost, but we have to try and gain as much information, make sense out of any scene that we?re on and make a good solid decision on which direction we need to go,? Clevenger said.

If there is foul play involved, law enforcement will have a larger hand in the investigation.

We?ll continue to update this story as we learn more. Check back for updates.