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Thread: Donna Scirocco (59) charged with animal cruelty

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    Donna Scirocco (59) charged with animal cruelty

    HAMDEN, Conn. (AP) ? Authorities have arrested a Connecticut woman after they found three dead animals in her home and seized more than two dozen cats along with dogs, squirrels and a blind owl, police said Wednesday.

    Hamden police said Donna Scirocco turned herself in Tuesday because of an arrest warrant charging her with six counts of animal cruelty. She posted a $5,000 bond and was ordered to appear in court Feb. 5.

    Animal control officials executed a search warrant at Scirocco's home on Oct. 26 after neighbors complained about a stench and rats running around the neighborhood, police Capt. Ronald Smith said.

    Police said they found 26 cats, six dogs, two caged squirrels and a blind owl. There were also two large rats in the home, officials said. Authorities also found two dead cats and a dead woodchuck. Health officials condemned the property, Smith said.

    Taxidermic animals were also found inside the home, according to a press release from the Hamden Police Department.

    Hamden officials allege the animals were neglected and cruelly treated. All the animals were taken to veterinary hospitals for evaluation. A few of them had to be euthanized and the remainder are being kept at several animal shelters, Smith said.

    It was not immediately clear whether Scirocco, 59, has a lawyer who could respond to the allegations. Telephone listings for her are no longer in service.

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    Her mugshot
    Quote Originally Posted by Gawna View Post
    Roses are red, violets are blue, seriously where is the fucking ring I gave Julie and ask her mom about the flowers
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    In all fairness, we have no idea how big this dude's cock was.

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    Oh my god she looks crazy.

    "The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man" -Charles Darwin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angiebla View Post
    Oh my god she looks crazy.
    No, no, she looks perfectly normal.

    ETA: These cases make me sick.
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    Her mugshot
    Omg this is one of the scariest mugshots I've ever seen.

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