LAS VEGAS (KLAS) ? Nearly 25 years after a report of a sexual assault at a Laughlin hotel, a man has been arrested in a cold case investigation that shows he tried to contact the victim through Facebook.

An April, 2020, arrest warrant shows that Enoch Jeremy Spina was initially questioned when he was 19 years old after a female contacted police regarding a sexual assault.

Spina was arrested Sunday and is scheduled to make a court appearance at 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

DNA evidence obtained in 1995 was analyzed and reported back to Metro detectives on March 20, 2019, and Metro contacted the victim to see if she would like to pursue prosecution.

A Forensic Case Report by Bode Technology indicated DNA recovered from the victim matched Spina?s DNA profile.

In addition to details of the initial incident, the warrant indicates that Spina initiated a Facebook friend request on Christmas Day in 2010, according to the victim?s mother.

Although the victim blocked Spina and did not answer, the mother reponded and saved screen shots of Facebook messages:

(Name redacted): ?Why would you contact my daughter after what you did to her in (redacted)? Do not ever try and contact her again.?

Spina: ?first of all i dont know her side obviously and second i just wanted to apologize for what she felt was wrong that happened. Im sure we both made mistakes that night and i honestly wanted to offer my sincirest apologies to her and hope that she can possibly forgive me one day as well has hoping that she is doing well. So i apologize for trying to offer that to (redacted).

?I also offer my apologies to you as well?

The victim?s age at the time of the initial incident is not available.
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Information reported in 1995 by Metro detectives indicates Spina took advantage of the victim while she was passed out. The arrest warrant indicates the victim said she woke up in a room and couldn?t account for how she got there. Spina denied moving her despite others? statements to detectives.

Spina cooperated with the investigation, but acknowledged that the victim did not consent to sex, and ?she was most likely in a state where she couldn?t have disconsented due to her high intoxication.

The victim had gone to Laughlin following a graduation celebration, and eventually went to a party at Harrah?s Laughlin, the warrant said.