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Thread: Andres Zambrano (30) arrested for the 2017 murder of ex wife

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    Andres Zambrano (30) arrested for the 2017 murder of ex wife

    A man who shot and killed the mother of his then 2-year-old child in front of their South Los Angeles home in 2017 has been arrested in Mexico, the FBI announced Saturday.
    Andres Zambrano appears in an undated photo released by the FBI.
    Officials in Mexico detained Andres Zambrano, a 30-year-old Compton-born man, while he was eating at a restaurant in the Colima area on Friday, according to U.S. officials.

    Zambrano had been wanted for the killing of his partner on March 16, 2017 in the 11600 block of Towne Avenue in the Green Meadows neighborhood.
    LAPD officers at the time described the victim as Zambrano?s wife, who they said was shot on the sidewalk and pronounced dead at a hospital. Zambrano drove off after the incident, police said.

    He was charged with murder in the Superior Court of California in L.A. County and a warrant was issued for his arrest four days after the shooting, the FBI said.

    Zambrano had stated that he would flee to Mexico or Chicago, where the known gang member and convicted felon had ties, according to a wanted poster by the FBI.

    Detectives asked federal officials for assistance in locating him and worked with Mexican authorities to learn of his whereabouts, leading to the man?s arrest.

    Zambrano was deported from Mexico and returned to L.A. Saturday evening, according to the FBI.

    He was booked into jail to await prosecution by the L.A. County District Attorney?s Office, the FBI said. His bail was set $2,050,000 million, county inmate records show.

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    Good things come to those who wait.

    ETA: Interesting that the victim's name isn't mentioned once in this or in the "Related Content" article.
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