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Thread: Rapper Corey Thompson (29) aka Tripple Beanz killed in a shooting in Newark, NJ

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    Rapper Corey Thompson (29) aka Tripple Beanz killed in a shooting in Newark, NJ

    NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) ? It was a violent weekend in New Jersey?s largest city.

    Two children were injured and an adult was killed in separate shootings in Newark, CBS2?s Cory James reported Sunday. In a matter of seconds, life changed for 29-year-old Corey Thompson.

    As seen on video, he turns his back to get into his black Range Rover when tragedy happens.

    Two men are seen firing multiple rounds, killing the local rap artist. The clip also shows the suspects taking off and hopping into their getaway SUV and leaving the scene along Avon Avenue.

    The shooting happened Friday afternoon and by Sunday evening a candlelight memorial sat under a sign where people honored Thompson.

    t was a sight all too familiar for Joseph Miller. He has lived in Newark for nearly 40 years and said he hates seeing a rise in crime.

    ?It was just Thanksgiving two days ago and it?s like y?all just forgot. You?re giving thanks and then this happens. I don?t understand,? Miller said.

    Since Thompson was gunned down, there have been several shootings in Newark. Police said a 12-year-old boy was hit by a bullet while inside his own apartment on 17th Avenue on Friday night. Then on Saturday, a 14-year-old girl was shot on 15th Street, investigators said.

    Sharif Amenhotep is with the Newark Anti-Violence Coalition. His organization has spent years in countless neighborhoods, working to combat gun crime.

    Now, he is calling on more leaders and community members to step up and help.

    ?We can?t say ?Black Lives Matter? when the police kill us and be silent and quiet when we are killing one another. So Black lives has to matter to us in Newark, New Jersey,? Amenhotep said.

    Newark Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose and Mayor Ras Baraka were both unavailable to answer questions about a city not only plagued by coronavirus, but also crime.

    Newark police are actively following leads on all cases. However, specific details on suspects involved in the shootings have not being released.,_NJ

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    These days there are rappers coming out of the woodwork. Perhaps I should say dropping out.

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    That video gave me chills. That was a definate hit.

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