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Thread: Sa'quan Reed-James (17) & Dewayne James Jr. (19) killed in a Black Friday shooting at Arden Fair Mall

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    Sa'quan Reed-James (17) & Dewayne James Jr. (19) killed in a Black Friday shooting at Arden Fair Mall

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) ? Law enforcement and fire personnel responded to a shooting in Arden Fair Mall, where two people were shot and killed during Black Friday.

    Sacramento Police Officer Karl Chan says officers received reports of the shooting around 6:10 p.m.

    By the time officers arrived at the mall, police say the shooter was already gone. Officials have reported the shooter as a male in his 20?s.

    One victim, a 19-year-old man, was pronounced dead at the mall, according to the Sacramento Fire Department. The other shooting victim, a 17-year-old boy, was taken to a trauma hospital and later died from his injuries, according to the Sacramento Police Department Saturday.

    The victims? identities have not been reported.

    ?Our detectives are very good at their job, and we know that they will be doing a very thorough investigation on this,? Officer Chan told reporters. ?We will be doing everything that we can to identify the suspect or suspects who were involved in this incident and make an arrest in this.?

    ?We were probably about 25, 30 feet from the shooting,? witness Collin Dean told FOX40.

    At first, Dean and many other people did not know what was happening.

    ?We heard the first loud bang and everyone just got really quiet. It was kind of offsetting and we were trying to figure out what it was,? Dean recalled. ?And a split second later, we heard another shot. That?s when everyone realized it and started running towards the back.?

    Witnesses said more shots were fired as people tried to run and hide, but some people were still not sure what was happening.

    ?We thought it was like thunder, maybe it started raining because it was one or two at first,? Dean explained.

    The mall was evacuated and witnesses said law enforcement arrived quickly.

    ?It was just a very traumatic moment,? said witness Ester Diaz.

    Diaz told FOX40 that it was her first time Black Friday shopping. She thought there would be fewer people due to the pandemic, but that was not the case.

    ?There was tons of people in there,? she said. ?There was a lot of people having trouble trying to run from where they were at. There was people with strollers.?

    The Sacramento Police Department said the shooting was not an active shooter incident and was isolated.

    Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg responded to news of the shooting on Twitter.

    ?We are deeply concerned by the increase in gun violence in Sacramento and other cities during the pandemic, and have supported increasing our efforts to reach young people at risk. A gun is never the answer,? he wrote.

    As police begin their investigation and review mall surveillance footage, those who walked away from the shooting were thankful.

    ?It?s a lot to take in to talk to your parents and think, like, this might be my last ?I love you.? For them to know that too, it?s pretty scary,? Diaz said.

    Anyone with any information about the shooting has been asked to call the Sacramento Police Department.

    This story is developing. Check back for updates.

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    Update Thread is heading to Non-MDS Thanks! Shooting victims are identified as Sa’quan Reed-James (17) and Dewayne James Jr. (17) who were killed in the Arden Mall shooting.

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A Sacramento family continues to mourn Saturday night after a deadly shooting killed two teens during Black Friday shopping at Arden Fair Mall.

    “Four boys left home yesterday. Two returned,” said family spokesperson Jamilia Land.

    The family broke their silence Saturday evening, looking for answers and clearing up some information.

    “The media has been quick to label this gang violence. This has nothing to do with gang violence,” said the boys’ aunt Sharron Jackson.

    At the press conference, family and friends said they aren’t sure why the two brothers, 17-year-old Sa’quan Reed-James and 19-year-old Dewayne James Jr., were targeted.

    They had moved to Sacramento a year and a half ago from Louisiana.

    “Peoples back out here shopping like nothing took place hours prior to that,” said Jackson. “What is this a celebration. The joke is on us, that what it is.”

    The family also called for community leaders to step up, specifically peace advocates and mental health officials.

    Community activist Berry Accius told FOX40 they are working to limit those types of incidents.

    “Work is being done everyday. Folks are in the trenches, and we don’t see a lot of individuals in the trenches like showing up at the hospitals at 2 a.m,” Accius said.

    But everyone agrees justice needs to be served.

    “Those boys walked in here with life and weren’t able to walk out with that life they walked in with,” said Leia Schenk, from EMPACT.

    Police have not released a lot of information on the shooter.

    Anyone with information is being asked to call the Sacramento Police Department.

    “Whatever y’all know, speak out. Don’t worry about snitches get stitches, so what. We all have to leave this world one day,” Jackson said.

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    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – The city of Sacramento is dealing with an alarming rise in youth homicides in 2020.

    Sacramento police report, as of November, at least four people under the age of 18 have been killed within city limits.

    The statistic is a stark contrast from 2018 and 2019 where there were zero youth murders in the city.

    Community members are searching for answers after the latest killings of 17-year-old Sa’quan Reed-James and his 19-year-old brother, Dewayne James Jr., who were shot while out Black Friday shopping.

    Activist and Voice of the Youth founder Berry Accius told FOX40 he believes the pandemic is leading to the spike.

    “Anytime is a go. They don’t care if it’s at a cemetery. They don’t care if it’s at a park. They don’t care if it’s at the mall,” Accius explained. “You have families losing their jobs. You have families being displaced. You have all these different things, and an idle mind becomes a devil’s playground, right?”

    And with many kids distance learning and sports not being held, Accius said he’s worried mentors who would usually step in don’t have the same opportunities to do so.

    Founder of the nonprofit Empact, Leia Schenk, told FOX40 that parents and community leaders need to step up.

    “We have to be more present. We have to be present and be able to provide resources that these families can utilize,” Schenk said.

    The city has used roughly $20 million in CARES Act funding for youth programs and workforce development but Accius said he believes more consistent investment is needed for true change.

    “Young people can find a gun in their community more quickly than they can find a job opportunity. We’re saying we need a better investment in our communities,” Accius said.

    Police are still searching for the shooter from the killings at Arden Fair Mall.

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    Forgot to correct myself on this one Dewayne James Jr. is actually (19) in this report

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Tears, hugs and passionate pleas were among the sights of a family-staged press conference at Arden Fair mall Saturday evening, a little more than a day since two young men were shot and killed while Black Friday shopping.

    Family identified the two shooting victims as 19-year-old Dewayne James, Jr. and 17-year-old Sa’Quan Reed-James.

    “They came here for a better life,” said Sharron Jackson, the teens’ aunt. “They came here to Black Friday shop, and lost their life.”

    As family spoke, heartbreak and raw emotion were clearly visible to all in front of the mall doors. The two teenagers had only moved to Sacramento from Louisiana a little more than a year ago to escape violence, only to become victims of it in California.

    Now, Dewayne and Sa’Quan are remembered by their aunt Sharron Jackson for their smiles.

    “Being positive,” Jackson said. “That’s what they did.”

    The boys were reportedly involved in sports, activities and youth groups – in hopes to avoid any senseless violence.

    Though, police say Dewayne and Sa’Quan’s deaths were part of an isolated incident.

    Less than 24 hours after the shooting, Arden Fair was back open. Mall employees like Maile Weldon saw the shooting happen, but it happened so fast – she can only remember it as a blur. She’s stunned people were back inside shopping so quickly and now, can’t stop thinking about a family in mourning.

    “Just by seeing it and experiencing it, I had a really hard time last night,” Waldon said. “My heart was hurting. I feel really, really sorry.”

    Arden Fair is no stranger to violent activity, though. The shopping center has been known in the past for young people causing big brawls and fights. Now the mall battles their next crime, a deadly shooting.

    An Arden Fair mall spokesperson, Nathan Spradlin, issued this statement on Saturday:

    This is an active investigation and Arden Fair continues to work closely with all law enforcement agencies involved. We are deeply saddened by the tragic event that occurred Friday evening and our prayers and condolences are with the families of the victims.”

    After this deadly shooting, the teens’ aunt demands change, starting with finding who killed her nephews.

    “How many more lives are going to be lost at this mall?” Jackson said. “Give us closure. Give us peace. Cause it’s not fair for us.”

    Activists like Leia Schank, founder of EMPACT, a social justice organization, are also begging someone to come forward — so Dewayne and Sa’Quan may have justice.

    “Somebody knows who it was. Somebody knows what happened,” Schank said. “Someone needs to step and have integrity and let officers know exactly what took place last night.”

    More from CBS Sacramento:

    2 Teens Killed In Black Friday Shooting At Arden Fair Mall
    Witnesses Describe Chaos After Deadly Shooting Inside Arden Fair Mall
    Nevada City Man Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Over $3,400 In Merchandise From Home Depot
    Family and activists are asking anyone who may have seen something or knows something about the crime to come forward and share what they know with police.

    At this point, Sacramento police say they still don’t know of a motive or a suspect in this particular investigation.

    Sacramento police can be contacted at (916) 808-5471 or Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers at (916) 443-HELP (4357).

    Callers can remain anonymous and according to a Facebook post by police, could be eligible for a reward up to $1,000.

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    Black Lives Matter Sacramento has issued a statement on the Arden Mall Shooting

    Black Lives Matter Sacramento releases the following statement in response to the November 27th, 2020 shooting at Arden Fair Mall.

    November 30, 2020

    We offer our sincere condolences to the family members of Dewayne James Jr. and Sa'Quan Reed-James. It is unconscionable that a family should have to bury their youthful loved ones this holiday season. The shooting deaths of the 19 and 17 year old were entirely preventable. We are calling on Arden Fair Mall to take ownership of its neglected duty to protect its patrons.

    - We demand that Senior Property Manager Tod Strain make the camera footage of the incident available to the family for viewing at the family?s discretion.

    - We further demand that Strain and Arden Fair Mall develop safety and security protocols that will prevent deaths like Dewayne?s and Sa?Quan?s from occurring again.

    1.Any updated security protocols should not defer to existing departments of Sacramento Law Enforcement, and should not include using law enforcement to over-police communities of color.

    2. Furthermore, these protocols should not tolerate racial bias, and should ensure accountability when racial bias occurs.

    Arden Fair Mall has a history of maintaining silence whenever violence breaks out on its property. This incident is no different. Not only was a statement not made from the mall?s management, they carried on with business the next morning as if a tragedy did not happen the night before.

    Black Lives Matter Sacramento is calling for any community members who have suffered at the hands of Arden Fair Mall?s negligence in protecting its patrons to pursue civil litigation.

    If you are interested in suing for violence you encountered, please contact us at an address below.

    Community next steps:

    We ask the community to call and email Property Manager Todd Strain at (916) 514-4100 ( and put pressure on him to meet these demands.

    We also ask the community to call the Director of Security Kelvin Kumar at (916) 514-4101 ( and put pressure on him to meet these demands.

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    Probably fighting over PS5's or Xbox whatever. I'm not sure what the new Xbox is called. Rest in peace.

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    Damario Beck (18) is named as a person of interest in the Arden Fair mall shooting

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Police announced Monday they arrested the alleged shooter who killed two people at Arden Fair Mall on Black Friday.

    The Sacramento Police Department said 18-year-old Damario Beck was identified as the alleged gunman in a shooting that killed two brothers, 17-year-old Sa’quan Reed-James and 19-year-old Dewayne James Jr.

    Two people killed in Black Friday shooting at Arden Fair Mall
    Investigators said the shooting began after an argument “between two groups of people that were known to each other from prior interactions,” according to the release.

    Police said their investigation is ongoing and said they believe additional witnesses and people may be involved.

    Family calls for community to help find shooter who killed teens at Arden Fair Mall
    Police officials said their investigators were able to make an arrest within 72 hours after the shooting due to the cooperation of Arden Fair Mall.

    Both parents expressed their love for their two sons Monday, saying they had been very close since they were young boys.

    “I just want everybody to know that my boys were loved, and they were good boys and they wasn’t living a bad life. But all I know is they did get taken from this world living a good life,” said the boys’ mother, Jayda James. “No bad memories to look at, nothing but good. All I know is now I got my guardian angels and that’s all I’m going to need.”

    “Actually, I don’t have a bitter bone in my body,” said their father, DeWayne James Sr. “At first, when it happened, I was crazy. I was ready … I was looking, I wanted to look. I drove around all night, you know what I’m saying. But I don’t have a bitter bone in my body.”

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    SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A spokesperson of the family who lost two sons in a fatal shooting inside the Arden Fair Mall on Black Friday wants to set the record straight about the brothers who lost their lives.

    Dewanye James, Jr., 19, and Sa'quan Reed, 17, were shot and killed on Black Friday. Police said the shooting was the result of a verbal argument between two groups of people. On Monday, Nov. 30, police arrested 18-year-old Damario Beck and charged him for the homicides.

    "Four boys left home and two came back," Jamila Land, the family's spokesperson, said. "The 19-year-old brother had to shield and cover his 13-year-old brother to make sure he made it out alive. Some of the things that have come out are very disturbing."

    Land said the family was floored when they saw a headline in the Sacramento Bee that read, "Exclusive: Video shows 2 groups had guns in Arden Fair shootout that killed teen brothers." The Bee article does not provide readers a link or an opportunity to view the video. According to the article, the source who provided the video to the Bee was not authorized to do so.

    "Any time you have a shooting that involves young Black men they are immediately villainized, demonized, and criminalized," Land said. "And that's why I've been just so disappointed by what we have seen happen with the Sacramento Bee, and with Arden Fair Mall. Arden hasn't reached out to this family. They haven't allowed the family to see the video, but they allow someone from the Sacramento Bee, and they turn around, and they say they have no comment."

    But Land wanted to set the record straight about James and Reed.

    "They were transplants from a small town called Monroe, Louisiana," Land said. "They've been here about a year and a half. They were attending Rio Americano High School. They were football players."

    The two brothers were part of a news segment on ABC10 with Reporter Kevin John back in August 2019.

    The brothers joined several students speaking out against a racist fake social media post that went viral at Rio Americano High School called the "No Black People Policy." James and Reed joined a group of students that planned to form a Black Student Union on campus.
    The family said that from a young age, the brothers were often pictured together. People might call them young athletes or young activists, but not gang members, Land said.

    The Arden Fair Mall released the following statement saying the tragic event saddens them.

    "Our prayers and condolences are with the families of the victims," the statement reads. "As this is an active investigation, Arden Fair continues to work closely with all law enforcement agencies involved and cannot make further comment at this time."

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