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Thread: Washington man arrested mid-interview for a job with state police

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    Washington man arrested mid-interview for a job with state police

    A Washington man applying for a job with the state's police force got arrested mid-interview.

    The 31-year-old admitted something that set off alarms as he was going through the background check and polygraph test process for a gig with the Washington State Patrol on Tuesday, local outlet KING-TV reported.

    'A person in the application process for a civilian job with the WSP disclosed information that raised concerns of criminal activity,' a police spokesman said in a statement.

    Officials didn't divulge exactly what the man said ' but it resulted in him getting cuffed on two counts of child rape.

    Investigators said the incident happened years ago, but didn't provide more details.

    The creep's name wasn't released.

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    What the fuck. I want to know what he said. Child rape? Holy shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nic B View Post
    What the fuck. I want to know what he said. Child rape? Holy shit.
    And he not only thought it was ok to do it, but to talk about it IN A POLICE JOB INTERVIEW. It's obvious he didn't see anything wrong with it. What a POS and waste of space.

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    Did this dude really think if he was upfront and honest about raping a child that they would go "ok that's nbd, you're hired!"?

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    There has to be more to this story. He didn't admit to child rape during a job interview, I refuse to believe that.
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