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Thread: Genesis Goldsby (26) missing from Mobile, AL since 11/13/2020

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    Genesis Goldsby (26) missing from Mobile, AL since 11/13/2020

    Friends and family of a young Mobile woman named Genesis Goldsby say she went missing sometime on Friday and they are desperately trying to find her.

    The family of Genesis Goldsby said the 26-year-old was pulled over by law enforcement Friday morning around 7:30 on her way to work.

    Her grandmother Geanette Goldsby said this triggered Genesis? PTSD.

    ?She did call her therapist and told her she was having an episode because she?s afraid of the police department,? Geanette said.

    Geanette said Genesis contacted her employer, informing them she would be in shortly but never showed up to work. Also, she did not show up for plans with her boyfriend later that day.

    ?We?ve been looking for her, calling her, texting her. She?s just not answering,? Geanette said.

    Sometime after her encounter with law enforcement, Geanette said Genesis recorded a voicemail message. In that message, Genesis mentions an alleged incident and pending civil lawsuit involving a Mobile Police officer.

    ?I've been bullied by MPD, but how can you fight justice when justice always wins no matter if they are wrong,? Genesis said in the message.

    Back in 2018, Genesis filed a complaint accusing a Mobile Police officer of sexually assaulting her in August of 2017.

    Following an investigation, the findings were sent to a grand jury, which cleared the officer of those accusations.

    ?Genesis just wants justice. She wants justice for what happened to her, and she wants it to be prevented from happening to someone else,? Genesis? friend and coworker L.A. McLean said.

    The next part of the voicemail message really concerned her friends and family.

    ?PTSD is real and I'm tired of it. I'm sorry to my family and friends and ask for forgiveness, I love y'all but I'm finally going to set myself free from all of this anguish. I was missing, trying to run away from my demons, but I'm not missing anymore because they finally caught up to me,? Genesis said in the message.

    Genette said the last person Genesis was in contact with was her sister.

    ?She texted her sister saying she doesn?t know why people are putting out there that she?s trying to kill herself. That is not true. She is saying she is tired of getting stopped by the cops for no reason at all,? Geanette said.

    Geanette said a missing persons report has been filed, and police told her they are actively searching for Genesis and her car, an electric blue 2016 Dodge Charger.

    Mobile Police did confirm a report was filed, but did not share any additional details.

    ?It?s a mother?s worst nightmare. I don?t wish this on anyone. I really don?t,? Geanette said.

    Friends and family want Genesis to know she is loved and missed.

    ?Her friends and her family are here for her. And we are fighting with her and for her, and that we really miss her and she needs to come home,? McLean said.

    Geanette said she needs Genesis to come home.

    ?I love you, Genesis. Wherever you are, you can come home. Mama is always here. I?ve always been there,? Geanette said.

    The family is asking the public to call law enforcement if anyone sees her or her car.

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    Genesis Goldsby (26)
    Mobile, Alabama
    November 13, 2020

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