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Thread: Elias Rene Rodriguez' (79) remains found in a San Diego area Beach pit

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    Elias Rene Rodriguez' (79) remains found in a San Diego area Beach pit

    SAN DIEGO (CNS) ? A set of charred remains found in a Fiesta Island fire pit last week are those of a 79-year-old man who died there, either by accident or suicide, authorities reported Thursday.

    A beachgoer made the grisly discovery on the eastern end of the peninsular park on Mission Bay shortly after 10:30 a.m. last Thursday, according to San Diego police.

    Though investigators were initially uncertain, the county Medical Examiner?s Office determined that the remains were human, made a positive identification and ruled that the deceased person was not a homicide victim, SDPD Lt. Matt Dobbs said.

    Police believe the man, a San Diego resident, died during the evening prior to the discovery of his body.

    ?We will not be releasing his name, since he was not the victim of a crime,? Dobbs said.

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    This isn't a unidentified body, they know exactly who this man is, they just will not be releasing his name.

    This section is for truly unidentified people that LE and the public has no idea who they are. I am moving him to the 'additional info needed', but since they said they aren't releasing his name it will probably never be updated.

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    SAN DIEGO — Human remains found in a fire pit on Fiesta Island last month were from a 79-year-old man, and foul play was not suspected in his death, San Diego police said Thursday.
    The county Medical Examiner’s Office identified the man Friday as San Diego resident Elias Rene Rodriguez. Authorities used dental records to identify him, and a pathologist was working to determine his cause and manner of death, according to a county spokeswoman.

    San Diego police said Rodriguez was not the victim of a crime.

    Police Lt. Matt Dobbs said the Medical Examiner’s Office had not determined whether his death was a suicide or an accident.

    The charred skeletal remains were found by a man who had been picking up trash shortly after 10:30 a.m. Oct. 29 on the east end of Fiesta Island.

    Police sent a picture of the remains to forensic anthropologist, who said they appeared to be human. According to TV news reports, the remains included a skull and teeth.

    Dobbs said information from community members led to the identification of the man.

    “After a thorough investigation, it was determined the man died in the fire pit but no foul play was suspected in his death,” the lieutenant said.
    Update the victim has been identified as Elias Rene Rodriguez (79)

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    Wait a minute. No foul play?! Burning a human body (especially in a beach fire pit), isn't a douse 'em w/gasoline, toss a match, and walk away proposition. It took Ryan Duke and Bo Dukes forever to disappear Tara Grinstead. If all that was left were charred skeletal remains, someone was tending that fire.
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