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Thread: Former James Bond actor Sir Sean Connery dies at age 90, after a lengthy battle with dementia

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    Former James Bond actor Sir Sean Connery dies at age 90, after a lengthy battle with dementia

    LONDON (NewsNation Now) ? Scottish movie legend Sean Connery, who shot to international stardom as the British agent James Bond and went on to dominate the silver screen for four decades, has died at age 90, the BBC reported Saturday.

    Connery shot to fame as British agent 007, the character created by novelist Ian Fleming and immortalized by Connery in films starting with ??Dr. No? in 1962.

    Connery played a series of noteworthy roles besides Bond and won an Academy Award for his portrayal of a tough Chicago cop in ??The Untouchables? (1987).

    Some noteworthy non-Bond films included director Alfred Hitchcock?s ?Marnie? (1964), ?The Wind and the Lion? (1975) with Candice Bergen, director John Huston?s ?The Man Who Would be King? (1975) with Michael Caine, director Steven Spielberg?s ?Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? (1989) and the Cold War tale ?The Hunt for Red October? (1990).

    Connery was knighted by the Queen in 2000.

    Born Thomas Connery on Aug. 25, 1930, he was the eldest of two sons of a long-distance truck driver and a mother who worked as a cleaner in Scottland. He dropped out of school at age 13 and worked in a variety of menial jobs. At 16, two years after World War Two ended, Connery was drafted into the Royal Navy, and served three years.

    Connery played small parts with theatre repertory companies before graduating to films and television.

    It was his part in a 1959 Disney leprechaun movie, ?Darby O?Gill and the Little People,? that helped land the role of Bond. Broccoli, a producer of the Bond films, asked his wife to watch Connery in the Disney movie while he was searching for the right leading actor.

    After the smashing success of ?Dr. No,? more Bond movies followed for Connery in quick succession: ?From Russia with Love? (1963), ??Goldfinger? (1964), ??Thunderball? (1965) and ??You Only Live Twice? (1967).

    Connery grew concerned about being typecast and decided to break away. Australian actor George Lazenby succeeded him as Bond in ??On Her Majesty?s Secret Service? in 1969.

    But without Connery it lacked what the public wanted and he was lured back in 1971 for ??Diamonds Are Forever? with temptations that included a slice of the profits, which he said would go to a Scottish educational trust. He insisted it would be his last time as Bond.

    Twelve years later, at age 53, Connery was back as 007 in ??Never Say Never Again? (1983), an independent production that enraged his old mentor, producer Albert ?Cubby? Broccoli.

    James Bond film ?No Time To Die? pushed again, to 2021
    The Bond franchise was still going strong more than five decades after Connery started it. The lavishly produced movies, packed with high-tech gadgetry and spectacular effects, broke box office records and grossed hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Connery retired from movies after disputes with the director of his final outing, the forgettable ?The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? in 2003.

    Connery married actress Diane Cilento in 1962. Before divorcing 11 years later, they had a son, Jason, who became an actor. He married French artist Micheline Roquebrune, whom he met playing golf, in 1975.

    This story is developing. Refresh for updates.

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    Legendary actor Sean Connery “went peacefully” after a long battle with dementia, his widow said in an exclusive interview.

    Micheline Roquebrune, Connery’s wife of 45 years, said the disease had sapped the Oscar-winning actor of his vigor and said he got his final wish to pass away peacefully, the Daily Mail reported Saturday.

    “It was no life for him,” Roquebrune, 91, told the outlet.

    “He was not able to express himself . . . At least he died in his sleep and it was just so peaceful. I was with him all the time and he just slipped away. It was what he wanted,” she said.

    “He had dementia and it took its toll on him,” she added. “He got his final wish to slip away without any fuss.”

    Roquebrune, a French-Moroccan painter, met Connery at a golf tournament, and the two married in 1975.

    “He was gorgeous and we had a wonderful life together,” she said. “He was a model of a man. It is going to be very hard without him, I know that. But it could not last forever and he went peacefully.”
    However, in recent years Connery told his agents to turn down all acting jobs and retreated into his home in New Providence in the Bahamas with his wife — despite being offered “wheelbarrows full of cash” to make a cameo appearance in a number of films, the Daily Mail said.

    Roquebrune told the outlet that her husband will be cremated and a memorial service will be held at a later date. It remains unclear whether the actor’s ashes will be returned to Scotland.

    “We have not decided what to do,” the widow said. “That is something we will talk about soon but he will be cremated in the Bahamas, which is what he wanted.”

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    I’m surprised no one has commented on this.

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    He was 90. In this day and age that's a long life. Rest easy Mr. Connery.

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    Sean Connery's Cause of Death Pneumonia, Heart Failure

    Sean Connery died in his sleep from pneumonia, heart failure and old age ... according to his death certificate.

    TMZ obtained Connery's death cert and it shows he died from respiratory failure as a result of pneumonia, old age and atrial fibrillation ... an irregular heart rate that can increase the risk of strokes, heart failure and other heart-related complications.

    The doc shows he died on October 31 at 1:30 AM at his home in the Bahamas. His occupation is listed as a retired actor. As we reported ... Sean's wife, Micheline Roquebrune, said Sean died peacefully in his sleep. He was 90.

    Sean, of course, became a huge star in 1962 after "Dr. No" was released. He went on to star in 7 Bond films between 1962 and 1983 -- "From Russia with Love," "Goldfinger," "Thunderball," "You Only Live Twice," "Diamonds are Forever," and "Never Say Never Again."

    He also starred in "The Hunt for Red October," "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" and "The Rock."

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