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Thread: Mother of Five (Eloise Chairs, 29) Shot Dead at Chuck E. Cheese After Argument About Child's Card Game

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    Mother of Five (Eloise Chairs, 29) Shot Dead at Chuck E. Cheese After Argument About Child's Card Game

    "Eloise was shot in front of her children, blood covering them all."

    A mother of five was shot dead at an Illinois Chuck E. Cheese in front of her children after an argument about a child's card game.

    29-year-old Eloise Chairs was killed on Sunday evening while at a children's party, just four weeks after giving birth to her first daughter.

    Family members told police that just after 7:15PM, Chairs got into an argument with another mother after her son's card game was taken by another child.

    That's when a friend of the other mother pulled a gun and shot Chairs in the shoulder, they claimed to investigators.

    The bullet struck a major artery, causing Chairs to bleed out. She was rushed to Genesis East Hospital, but pronounced dead by 8:16PM.

    Treshonda M. Pollion, 24, was arrested and faces charges of first-degree murder.

    "Eloise was shot in front of her children, blood covering them all," Eloise's sister Christena told WQAD.

    The restaurant was full of families and children at the time of the shooting, which was all captured on surveillance cameras. Those who didn't initially flee were allowed to leave in groups after police arrived, many still clutching balloons and birthday gifts.

    "Those sounds of gun shots will live on with those kids for the rest of their lives, and every time they pass this place they're gonna think of how awful that was," one witness, John DeTaeye, told the site.

    Chairs' family said she was especially excited about the arrival of her now four-week-old girl, having been a mom to four boys.

    "She always wanted to help, even when she needed help of her own," her sister Joy said. "She loved children, especially her own nieces and nephews."

    Pollion was denied bail; if convicted she faces a mandatory prison sentence of life without parole.
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    I just can't with this worthless bitch. Treshonda, you fucking gank. What the fuck kind of stupid cunt bullshit is this anyway?

    You twatmaggot whorecunt.

    Because why? What makes you think that pulling a gun because some kid takes another kid's toy is a good idea? Because you are a fucking worthless bitch who has to use a gun to solve an argument?

    Holy fuck I hope you get everything you fucking deserve in prison.

    Now a baby will never know her mom. And her four brothers are never going to see her again. The devastation you have now caused is irreversible, irreparable.

    No amount of "I'm sorry" brings her back. "My bad" don't mean shit, you sorry ass subhuman....

    I hope you fucking suffer when you die. You fucking deserve no less.
    Don't like what I have to say? I respect that. Now go fuck yourself.

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    Why would you need to bring a gun into Chucky Cheese in the first place?

    I wonder if the woman who shot Eloise knew her. Or if there is more to the story?

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