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Thread: Kassanndra Cantrell (33) was pregnant when she went missing and was found murdered a month later

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    Kassanndra Cantrell (33) was pregnant when she went missing and was found murdered a month later

    PARKLAND, WA - A Pierce County family is desperate for answers in the search of a missing pregnant woman who seemingly vanished Tuesday morning.

    Loved ones say it was the ultimate red flag when Kassanndra Cantrell, 33, failed to show up to her first ultrasound this week, something she?d so been looking forward, something they say she wouldn?t willingly miss.

    ?This is not normal, she wouldn?t just vanish?I just need her back," said Marie Smith, Cantrell's mother.

    It?s been an agonizing four days since Smith last saw her daughter. It was early Tuesday morning when Smith was heading out to work.

    "She just said 'have a good day at work' I said 'thank you'. She said 'love you' and I said 'love you'. And that was the last time," said Smith about her last conversation with her daughter.

    About an hour later, at 8:45 a.m. a security camera caught her driving away in her 2014 white Mazda sedan from her and mother?s Parkland home. The only plan her mom knew she had that day was at some point to go to the grocery store.

    ?I don't think that's where she was going when she left. Everything seemed to indicate she was going to see somebody because if she was going to the grocery store she would?ve just put her hair in a ponytail and put on some jeans and headed out, but it was clear she?d taken a shower and gotten dressed. She had taken some extra time, she doesn?t do that just to go grocery shopping," said Smith.

    When she didn?t return home later that day or answer any calls, the fear started to sink in. even more so when they discovered her phone was turned off. ?She never turns her phone off, and she wouldn?t stop all her social interactions. It doesn?t make any sense, something has happened.?

    The nightmare deepened when Cantrell didn?t show up for her very first ultrasound appointment on Wednesday afternoon.

    ?She wouldn?t have missed it for the world, it doesn?t make any sense for her to be gone at all," said Smith.

    Smith said her daughter was about three months pregnant. The father is a friend, and though unexpected, for Cantrell it was the most welcomed surprise.

    ?When she found out she was thrilled because she wasn?t sure that she'd have a chance to have a baby and so she was really excited, she already picked out names," said Smith.

    Pierce County Officials said police found Cantrell's vehicle parked near the Tacoma Dome Friday night. Detectives are asking nearby businesses to check security cameras for any possible information.

    The Pierce County Sheriff?s Department is calling Cantrell?s disappearance suspicious. They?re not sure if she ever ended up going to the store Tuesday. They say since she disappeared there has been no activity on her bank account or cell phone.

    ?I'd just like my baby to come home with me so she can have her baby?I need her to come home,? said Smith.

    If you have any information on Cantrell?s whereabouts, you?re asked to contact the Pierce County Sheriff?s Department. If you see Cantrell or her vehicle, call 911.

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    I have a special place in my heart for pregnant women. If only people respected everything they go through to have a child...shit is just unreal. After watching what my wife went through with both of our children, it makes me fucking rage like no other when something happens to them.

    I hope Kassandra is found safe, and that nothing untoward has happened to her.

    And god forbid it has, I hope the mfers who are responsible for her disappearance/disposition get the fuck beat out of them so badly they wish they died as children.
    Don't like what I have to say? I respect that. Now go fuck yourself.

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    There is a desperate search for a pregnant Parkland woman who has been missing since last Tuesday.

    There were no clues for deputies until her vehicle was found overnight in a place her mother says she would never go. Her car was found on East 25th Street near the Tacoma Dome.

    All of this has her mother worried for her daughter’s safety, and that of her unborn child.

    “I still call her, so does her brother,” said Marie Smith, her voice breaking. “We call her phone just to see. It shut off.”

    Smith can hardly talk about her missing 33-year-old daughter, her excitement about her only daughter’s unexpected pregnancy, turning to dread. She recalls the last time they talked.

    “I had accidentally woke her up,” she remembered. “And she told me to have a good day at work. And we did our funny voices. She’s like ‘love you.’ And I’m like ‘love you.’ And that was it.”

    Kassandra Cantrell was last seen leaving her Parkland home on a neighbor’s Ring video. That was last Tuesday, the day before she was to meet her best friend for her first ultrasound to determine if she was expecting twins, like her mother had with her and her brother.

    But she never kept the appointment, and fell off the social media radar.

    “She wouldn’t just go dark on all her social platforms,” her mother said.

    Overnight on Friday into Saturday morning, Cantrell’s 2014 Mazda M3 sedan was found abandoned underneath the overpass to Highway 705, some 10 miles from where she lives with her mother and stepfather, but there was no sign of her.

    “What I hope, worst-case scenario, is that maybe she was carjacked and she’s just hurt somewhere.” Smith said.

    But she worries, too, that the father of her daughter’s unborn child might somehow be involved.

    “And I wouldn’t have suspected him if he wasn’t the father,” said Smith. “But he has a girlfriend so I don’t know what that might, you know, what that might have triggered.”

    Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies have not given any indication as to what might have happened to Cantrell.

    According to deputies, Cantrell’s friends believe she may have planned to go to a grocery store on Tuesday, but there have been no records of financial activity to show she went shopping.

    Friends are planning their own search party to look for Cantrell on Sunday.

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    Federal agents are searching a Tacoma man's home for possible evidence related to a pregnant Parkland woman's mysterious disappearance.

    Pierce County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Ed Troyer said it's believed that the man had been in a relationship with the missing woman, Kassanndra Cantrell, 33.

    Troyer said a SWAT team arrived at the man's home in the 3500 block of South "K" Street at around 6 p.m. Monday and served a search warrant. The man was home at the time and was allowed to leave.

    A deputy was posted to watch the home overnight, and investigators arrived at the home around 9 a.m. Tuesday.

    Cantrell went missing on the morning of Aug. 25 after she left her family's house in Parkland. Her mother, Marie Smith, says Cantrell had a doctor’s appointment for her first ultrasound on Wednesday and also planned to go grocery shopping, but she didn’t have any money on her and her EBT card has not been used.

    Her mother says Cantrell’s cell phone last pinged off the south Vashon Island tower just before 1 p.m. on Aug. 25 before it was either turned off or died. Police told her the most logical location of the phone based off of the ping would be Point Defiance Park.

    But her mother doesn’t believe she would go to the park without her two dogs.

    Cantrell's car, a white Mazda, was found on the other end of town near the Tacoma Dome, but her mom doesn’t believe Cantrell was ever there either. “That is not a place that she would ever be. It's just not, there’s no reason for her to be there. It’s not a safe area, she wouldn’t be there,” Smith said.

    Cantrell’s mother says she doesn’t believe her daughter decided to just pack up and leave.

    “She would have taken her dogs,” Smith said. “If she took nothing else, she would have taken her darn dogs because they’re her babies.”
    I am guessing the boyfriend didn't want the kid and did something to her.

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    Im thinking the same thing RBW. He was even in a relationship with another woman.

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    It's been a week since Kassanndra Cantrell's family last saw her.

    The remains of the 33-year-old, believed to be pregnant, have not been found, and no one has been arrested, but Pierce County investigators now consider her case a homicide.

    Detectives from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department and forensic investigators from the FBI searched the home of Cantrell’s ex-boyfriend Tuesday.

    A sheriff’s spokesperson said investigators were not publicly saying what evidence prompted them to search the man’s home or what, if any, evidence had been found there.

    "She is still missing under highly suspicious circumstances," said Pierce County Sheriff Department spokesperson Detective Ed Troyer.

    He has not been cleared as a suspect, said Troyer.

    Cantrell, from Parkland, was last seen by family members on Tuesday, August 25.

    A friend said Cantrell missed a doctor’s appointment for an ultrasound Wednesday. On Friday, her car was found abandoned near the Tacoma Dome.

    Detectives said her credit cards have not been used in the past week.

    Friend Alexandra McNary said loved ones refuse to think Cantrell has been killed.

    “We’re devastated,” said McNary, “I know my friend, and she's a fighter. If anyone could make it through this, it's Kassanndra.”

    McNary said Cantrell was excited about being pregnant, asking McNary to be the baby’s godmother.

    Plans are underway to hold a baby shower on Halloween, one of Cantrell’s favorite holidays.

    ”I'm hopeful that they find her okay. And I'm hopeful she gets to be a mom. I get to throw her baby shower and we get to see you home again,” said McNary.

    She said the police told friends and family members not to share their opinions about the ex-boyfriend, or what he thought about the pregnancy.

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    I'm worried about the outcome of this case. The police did not detain ex-BF while they combed through the property, and apparently his whereabouts are unknown at this time. Family and friends are searching at Point Defiance this weekend, but personally, I don't believe she's there. I believe that her phone was abandoned in or near the park in order to confuse police and searchers.

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    The Pierce County Sheriff's Office said Tuesday that it has arrested the former boyfriend of a missing Parkland woman whose body was found Tuesday after she vanished last month.

    Investigators said the 37-year-old suspect was taken into custody at his home in Tacoma without incident in which the SWAT unit was also deployed to the residence. A spokesman for the sheriff's office said the man was booked into the Pierce County Jail on suspicion of murder.

    "It was a lot of work . . . . and we’re happy that there’s resolution for the family," said sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer. "But we're also sad for the family."

    Kassandra Cantrell, 33, went missing on the morning of Aug. 25 after she left her family's house in Parkland.

    The sheriff's office said her remains were found along a steep hillside along Chambers Creek Road in University Place
    Troyer said Tuesday that investigators uncovered surveillance video of the suspect dropping off her white Mazda car, which was found on the other end of town near the Tacoma Dome.

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    I'm so so sorry for her and for her family. Her mom seemed so excited about the upcoming baby and said Kassandra was, too. I have a 3 month old grandbaby who is the end all, be all (except for his 2 year old sister who is the other end all, be all). I can not imagine losing all of that to some asshole who thought he had the right to take two lives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhoeverIWant2B View Post
    I'm so so sorry for her and for her family. Her mom seemed so excited about the upcoming baby and said Kassandra was, too. I have a 3 month old grandbaby who is the end all, be all (except for his 2 year old sister who is the other end all, be all). I can not imagine losing all of that to some asshole who thought he had the right to take two lives.
    This guy was a total asshole and no one could put two and two together and figure out what happened when he didn't want the kid and she suddenly went missing. Her mom did seem so excited and also very close to Kassandra. I feel really bad for her.

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    Kassandra Cantrell’s ex-boyfriend denied seeing her in the last decade despite evidence that he was involved in the disappearance and death of the pregnant Parkland woman, court records show.

    On Friday, Pierce County prosecutors charged Colin Patrick Dudley, 37, with first-degree murder.

    He pleaded not guilty at arraignment, and Superior Court Judge James Orlando set bail at $2 million.

    Cantrell, 33, was last seen leaving her family’s Parkland home the morning of Aug. 25. Her body was found Tuesday wrapped in garbage bags and dumped over a hillside in University Place.

    An autopsy found she had been stabbed and suffered skull fractures.
    Cantrell’s mother reported her missing after two days, concerned because it was out of character for Cantrell to disappear. It was especially odd for her to miss an ultrasound appointment because Cantrell was thrilled to be pregnant and had already picked out baby names.

    Family members said the baby’s father was an ex-boyfriend Cantrell was still friendly with.

    One of her friends identified the baby’s father as Dudley but said Cantrell was nervous to tell him because he did not want children and had an anger problem.

    “Colin had reportedly made a statement before when they were dating that if any girlfriend of his got pregnant and wouldn’t get an abortion, he would sue to get full custody just to spite the mother for having the child,” prosecutors wrote in charging papers.

    Cantrell found out she was pregnant July 16 and identified Dudley as the father to her obstetrician.

    The doctor noted, “This pregnancy was not planned. Patient is feeling overwhelmed. FOB (father of baby) supportive of pregnancy, but not planning to be involved with raising child. He and mom are on good terms,” records say.

    Detectives spoke with Dudley, who lived with his girlfriend of three years in a Tacoma home, but Dudley claimed he hadn’t seen Cantrell in years and didn’t know anything about her disappearance.

    A neighbor’s surveillance camera captured a white car resembling Cantrell’s Mazda 3 sedan leaving Dudley’s neighborhood the morning she went missing.

    It was later found in the 200 block of East 25th Street in Tacoma with the keys inside the center console.

    Video surveillance from a nearby Sound Transit center showed a man in a hat and gloves parking Cantrell’s car, then walking to a nearby parking garage and driving away in a truck.

    The truck belonged to Dudley, records say.

    When she was missing, investigators tracked Cantrell’s cell phone and found it was in the area of Dudley’s house, then where her car was abandoned and last pinged off the Vashon Island tower near Point Defiance Park.

    Divers found Cantrell’s cell phone in the waters off Owen Beach.

    Phone records allegedly show Cantrell and Dudley were communicating as far back as February.

    Detectives, assisted by the FBI, searched Dudley’s house Sept. 1 and found traces of blood in his basement. A K-9 that tracks human remains also hit on Dudley’s basement.

    In another interview, Dudley told investigators he met Cantrell at a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” when he was the director and she was a cast member. They allegedly dated several months before breaking up in 2006.

    Dudley said he had only seen Cantrell working at the mall since then, records say.

    On the day she disappeared, he said he mostly did spring cleaning at home and gassed up his truck. The following day, Dudley claimed he took trash to the Dumpster at his work and got a bike repaired.

    Investigators say they discovered Dudley bought 50-gallon trash bags at a store the morning Cantrell went missing. They also found a text message he sent her that morning.

    On the day Cantrell disappeared, Dudley turned his phone off and on and at one point dismantled the security cameras at his house, records say.

    GPS on his truck showed he stopped near a Chambers Bay treatment plant early Aug. 26, which led search crews to the area Tuesday.

    They found Cantrell’s body wrapped in trash bags and tossed over a steep hillside near 64th Street West and Chambers Creek Road.
    Wonder how that whole "haven't seen her in the last decade" is going to work when they match his DNA to the baby?

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